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Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water dispensers are convenient alternatives to kettles for drawing cups of hot water. They hold larger volumes and produce a steady supply of water at near-boiling temperatures. With these instant heated water dispensers, users can make hot drinks whenever they want. Staples® carries portable and installed water dispensers to suit almost any application, along with hundreds of major kitchen appliances.

Choose From Different Types of Hot Water Dispensers
Boiling water dispensers provide hot water at specific points in homes and commercial venues. There are different types of these appliances with each suited for specific applications. The hot water tank dispenser is a common example usually found in kitchens. It connects directly to the water supply reaching a kitchen sink and does not need refilling. The device heats water in a tank placed under or on the kitchen counter. Some models have different faucets for dispensing hot and cold water.

Another popular type of boiling water dispenser is the thermo pot. This combines the features of an electric kettle and hot water flask. Unlike hot water taps, this portable water dispenser does not need to connect to water mains and does not require installation. It dispenses hot water with the help of a built-in pump but has a limited capacity. Another common design is the bottom load water dispenser. This appliance does not require installation but has a much larger capacity than countertop models. This dispenser uses special high-volume water bottles and has an electric heater.

How to Pick the Right Hot Water Dispenser
Size and capacity are key factors to consider when picking a hot water dispenser. A desktop model is best for small kitchens and living rooms. Choose hot water taps for sinks with ample space to install under-cabinet tanks. While countertop models come in capacities of between 3 and 5 liters, bigger units can have reservoirs that can hold up to 5 gallons of hot water while commercial dispensers store up to 50 gallons. Select a model with multiple safety features. These include a locking lid, dry-boil protection to turn off the unit when its tank is almost empty, and an auto cut-off that switches off the dispenser if it gets too hot. Models with drip trays catch spills. For added convenience, pick one with a removable tray that's easy to clean.

What Convenient Features Should Shoppers Look for in Hot Water Dispensers?
Useful features to have include a manual stop button to pause dispensing mid-flow, a thermostat or a similar means to adjust hot water temperature, and a setting to vary the amount of water dispensed. A side water gauge is also convenient as it lets users check the level of water in a dispenser's tank. Some models provide audible alerts or blinking lights to indicate low water levels as well.

Are Filters Necessary for Hot Water Dispensers?
Most hot water taps come equipped with filtration systems to remove contaminants like sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, and certain microbes. Filters make dispensed hot water safer to drink but increase the running cost of these appliances. Choose a countertop model with a filter if you plan on filling it from the tap.

Do Hot Water Dispensers Need Descaling?
Descaling is necessary when using a boiling water dispenser in an area with hard water supply. Some models have limescale filters to reduce scale buildup. Users can easily descale units without this feature with vinegar. Be sure to check the directions for this procedure that come with your appliance.
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Brentwood Appliances KT-40BS 4.0-Liter Electric Hot Water Dispenser
Item: 24329066 / Model : BTWKT40BS
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  • 750W
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  • Stainless steel interior
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