Breakroom Appliances

Staples' breakroom supplies let you restock an empty office kitchen with snacks, coffee, water and other products. Both K-cups and traditional ground coffee are available for most types of coffeemakers to provide hot coffee to employees each morning. Office breakroom supplies and snacksstimulate energy and positive morale, which helps employees to stay focused throughout the day. Numerous breakroom snacks are available to choose from, including those from popular brands such as Keurig, Nestle, Hershey and Lays.

Wide Variety

With so many brands of office breakroom supplies to choose from, everyone's favorite snack or drink choice is available. Staples offers both hot and cold breakroom snacks and drinks, including Starbucks' Tazo tea bags, Coca-Cola soda products, Planters nuts and Betty Crocker rice and pasta bowl meals. There are food options available for every meal of the day, including individual cereal cups for breakfast, Campbell's soup cups for lunch and Barilla pasta entrees for dinner, plus breakroom snacks for in-between-meal snacks.

Bulk Quantity

Staples' breakroom supplies come in ample quantities to fully stock the company kitchen or supply an office snacks, drinks and paper goods for parties and other events. Purchasing in bulk saves on cost, and it means that breakroom snacks and other items need to be restocked less frequently, which is especially important for items like K-cups, paper towels, bottled water and other goods that are consumed on a daily basis. Plus, it ensures that everyone in the office gets to enjoy even the most popular office breakroom supplies before they run out.

Appliance Friendly

Office breakroom supplies include traditional ground coffee and Keurig K-cups to fit any kitchen's existing appliances. Products from Kraft, Barilla, Maruchan and other companies have easy-to-follow instructions and are microwave friendly. These meals cook quickly to allow employees plenty of time to eat during their breaks. If there are outdated or missing appliances in a breakroom, Staples office breakroom supplies also include a range of machines from top brands.

Mess-Free Disposal

With a wide variety of paper and plastic breakroom supplies, lunchtime cleanup is simple. With disposable plates and utensils, there is never a buildup of dirty dishes in the sink. Disposable office breakroom supplies are also ideal for large company parties or meetings.

Special Occasions and Meetings Gift Boxes

Aside from breakroom supplies, Staples offers gift boxes and seasonal items. These include seasonal coffees from Starbucks and other brands and samplings of Mrs. Field's cookies and other sweets. The selection of mints, gum and other sweets is ideal for a candy dish on the reception desk or in a meeting room. In addition, these small candies are ideal breakroom snacks for any employee with a sweet tooth.

Breakroom appliances bring the utility of your home kitchen to the workplace. For early morning coffee-making or lunch breaks, office kitchen appliances let employees prepare food items quickly without causing major disruption to their daily routines. Items such as microwaves, espresso machines, water coolers and hot plates help meet the needs of a diverse set of employees during the work week. Designed for small office spaces, breakroom appliances store easily on kitchenette counter tops, coffee and tea stations or side tables. Their compact design allows for efficient setup and simple storage when the item is not in use. The Staples selection of the best kitchen appliances for the workplace provides a number of options for hosting special events or streamlining daily office life.

Simple and Efficient Use

Breakroom appliances are designed for small spaces and frequent use. In order to accommodate a variety of employee needs, the best kitchen appliances have simple and straightforward functions, easy-to-clean pieces and durable parts. Devices with efficient serving options, such as single-serve coffee makers or multi-slot toasters, help address the needs of multiple employees while saving time and energy. Self-contained office kitchen appliances, such as the microwave or water dispenser, also prevent spills and reduce potential mishaps in your workplace.

Promotes Healthy Living
The proper office kitchen appliances can encourage healthy lifestyle choices and provide ample cooking options for employee food preparation. Adding specialty breakroom appliances, such as a juicer, blender or water filtration system help keep employees hydrated and introduce healthy habits into their daily practices. Small kitchen appliances, such as toasters and portable cooktops, also allow users to makes fresh food items and enjoy hot lunches. An ample selection of food preparation appliances adds variety to the available methods of cooking and increases workplace satisfaction.

Boosts Workplace Morale
Office kitchen appliances such as slow cookers, popcorn machines or specialty drink dispensers add a festive ambiance to workplace events or special celebrations. Whether they're for entertaining clients or hosting an employee appreciation meeting, investing in the best kitchen appliances will ensure long-term reliability and boost office morale. Adding everyday breakroom appliances like blenders, juicers and espresso machines also encourage and reward employees for their hard work.

Outfitting your breakroom with the right appliances to meet workers' needs provides a variety of benefits to the company and the employees. From microwave ovens to coffee machines, these appliances keep everyone happy, efficient and productive.