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NEC Ink & Toner at Staples
  • NEC has a long history in the printer market, producing everything from color laser printers to inkjets to thimble printers. While the company no longer manufactures printers, NEC toner cartridges and ink cartridges are still available in limited quantities. Third-party suppliers also produce compatible ink cartridges for some NEC printers. Staples carries NEC printer cartridges for select NEC products, including supplies from well-known manufacturers such as Murata.

    Varied Printing Products
    There are many kinds of NEC printers with many different features and capabilities in circulation today. NEC color and black and white laser printers use compatible ink cartridges to produce sharp text and image output, and thermal fax machines and printers offer budget-friendly black and white printing using film-based NEC printer cartridges. NEC inkjet printers offer vivid color output and use familiar inkjet printer cartridges.

    While laser, inkjet and thermal film printers are the most common technologies used today, there are other kinds of printers available. NEC thimble printers produce high-quality text, comparable to traditional typewriter output, using interchangeable, 128-character print heads. Dot matrix printers produce output with a tiny grid of pins that apply ink to the paper's surface. Both these printers use ribbon-style NEC printer cartridges. Thimble and dot matrix printers are both impact printers, which means that they apply ink by striking the page with a print head. This printing method is cost effective and can be used with continuous-feed paper. Impact printers can also be used with carbon paper, which is something laser, inkjet and thermal film printers can't do. The cheap printer ink cartridges used by these printers have inked ribbons that are very long lasting, making impact printers an excellent choice for offices with occasional printing needs.

    Simple Refill Options
    NEC printer cartridges, print thimbles and ribbons are all engineered for easy replacement. Most feature sealed drop-in cases that resist spills and take just a few minutes to install. Compatible ink cartridges made by third-party suppliers use very similar designs that offer the same convenience and ease of operation as OEM products that may no longer be available.

    While NEC no longer manufactures printers or printer supplies, NEC toner cartridges and compatible ink cartridges for these legacy printers are still available at Staples.