Okidata Ink & Toner Cartridges

OKI Ink & Toner at Staples
Staples offers a variety of Okidata printer cartridges to help busy offices maintain productivity when the ink or toner runs out in its copier, printer, fax or all-in-one device. With a variety of replacement options available, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and remanufactured cartridges, Staples makes finding the right replacements and recycling them easy. Locate the proper replacement quickly by using the printer or copier model number, which means ordering is a quick process that can be completed in minutes. From Okidata ink cartridges to toner and remanufactured options, Staples provides the replacements necessary to keep print systems running properly with minimal interruption and less downtime.

Reliable Printing
Independent studies show that choosing OEM Okidata printer cartridges ensures that the ink and toner is the proper consistency for each specific printer model. This results in high-quality prints and ensures that each report, spreadsheet, brochure and any other print project features clean lines and sharp text. Using Okidata ink cartridges provides proper ink flow throughout the print system to minimize streaks, clogs and smears for reliable, high-quality printing.

Improved Printer Protection and Performance
Choosing Okidata ink cartridges over third-party alternatives protects print system components when used with compatible models, minimizing the need for maintenance and decreasing downtime so that productivity levels remain high. Okidata printer cartridges are designed in conjunction with compatible printers and copiers to ensure that each system performs as the manufacturer intended. Using proper OEM replacement Okidata ink cartridges also provides improved yields over third-party options, helping to further increase productivity and minimize downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

Environmental Protection
Staples offers recycling for Okidata printer cartridges, which lessens the impact of used consumables on the environment. Recycle ink cartridges quickly and easily by creating a return label to ship it back or visiting a local store and dropping off the cartridges for recycling. When you recycle ink cartridges, it minimizes the number of items placed in landfills and provides resources for remanufactured ink cartridges. The recycled ink cartridge programs available from Staples provide simple options that help nearly every business become more active in environmental protection.

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