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Help your patients on the road to recovery with protective sleeves that prevent skin tears. Each one can be used with or without dressings and bandages, enabling greater flexibility. Choose the best sleeves for your patients from trusted medical-supply brands such as Medline.

Protective Design
Manufactured from thin, flexible fabric, these protective sleeves cover the skin and prevent it from tearing, scraping, or shearing as patients move around a facility. The sleeves are designed for versatile use, so you can use them for patients with fragile skin, fresh stitches, or rough-edged wounds. Each sleeve provides full coverage, eliminating the need for patients to don bulky pants or long sleeves.

Multiple Sizes
Protective sleeves are available in multiple sizes to suit different body types and coverage requirements. Select from leg or arm sleeves to find the best fit for your patients. When you need to cover casts or bulky dressings, opt for roomier cast protectors.

Comfortable Fit
Protective sleeves are designed to stretch gently over a limb, enabling a snug fit without causing uncomfortable pressure. The soft fabric sits gently against the skin for long-lasting comfort, and the flexible sleeves move easily with the body. Built-in holes allow free motion of the fingers and toes. Each sleeve slides up the arm or leg, so there is no need to disturb patients' clothing or hospital gowns.

Many protective sleeves are made from latex-free materials, so you can use them safely on almost any patient without causing an allergic reaction. Because the sleeves sit directly against the skin, the lack of latex can reduce the risk of irritation on all patients, even those with a mild intolerance.

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