Sharp Fax Machines

Sharp fax machine toner cartridges ensure excellent print quality for documents and graphics page after page. Sharp packages single toner cartridges and inks for use as needed. Staples offers thermal imaging film for stand-alone fax machines and ink cartridges for all-in-one units. Each cartridge is made with high-quality ingredients that fuse at a lower temperature than most inks, resulting in reduced wear and tear on the machine. Sharp tests each cartridge for consistent page yield and consistency. Be sure to look at original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges.

Sharp fax machine ink creates crisp images
Sharp fax machine ink for all-in-one machines comes in black and four colors to produce crisp images, including photographs. The color cartridges are separate to ensure that each document uses the correct amount of ink to produce a superior image. Users replace individual cartridges, allowing the remaining cartridges to use the balance of the ink. Sharp manufactures color inks that come in individual packages and multipack bundles.

Thermal transfer fax imaging film rolls come in black only, producing clean and strong text documents. Users can recycle Sharp fax machine toner cartridges. Discount and remanufactured toner and ink cartridges are economically friendly while maintaining the quality expected from Sharp products.

Sharp ink and toner is cost-effectiveness
Sharp delivers superior, consistent and reliable equipment and accessories. Small businesses and home offices benefit from using Sharp products to increase productivity and save money. Sharp knows how to give value to its products and passes that value along to its customers.

Sharp fax machine toner cartridges and inks are available in standard yield and high yield. Standard yield is less expensive and is made for offices that use small amounts of toner. High yield is more expensive upfront but the cost per page is lower. High yield is a good choice for busy offices with volume usage.

Are toner cartridges easy to install?
Cartridges are individually packed for easy use and storage. Installation is easy. Remove the used cartridge and dispose of it properly. Remove the tape from the new cartridge and snap it into place. Use the machine as normal. Easy installation reduces the number of service calls for machine repairs.

How can I recycle ink cartridges?
Sharp packages ink and toner in recyclable green packaging. The cartridges are zero-waste. Users give ink cartridges to a recycling facility to reduce the carbon footprint.

Can I refill Sharp fax machine toner cartridges?
Remanufactured or refilled toner cartridges are available for purchase. Sharp sells refill kits, inks and toner powder for machines that have a high volume of use. The system is efficient and easy to use. Refilling cartridges means always having toner or ink on hand.

Can I substitute Sharp cartridges with generic cartridges?
For the most part, Sharp produces ink and toner cartridges for specific machines. Some ink cartridges fit into multiple machines. This applies mostly to ink cartridges for all-in-one units. Use the Printer Ink Cartridges & Toner Finder to locate the best products for your fax machine or all-in-one printer. Genuine Sharp products produce the best print quality compared to aftermarket items.