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Set store® Motherboard Standoff for ATX Computer Case, 15/Pack (STANDOFF632)
Item #2756003
Model #2856934
  • Motherboard standoff is suitable for installing motherboards into the computer chassis
  • Brass construction
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STARTECH.COM® SCREW6_32 Mounting Screw
Item #IM1F55975
Model #SCREW6_32
  • Common #6-32 threaded screw for mounting many different computer components
  • 4mm length for components or cases with shallow mounting points
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EVGA® CLC 240 RGB Liquid CPU Cooler, Black (400-HY-CL24-V1)
Item #IM11CZ967
Model #400-HY-CL24-V1
  • RGB liquid CPU cooler
  • Dimensions: 120 mm H x 120 mm W x 25 mm D (fan), 28 mm H x 122 mm W x 276 mm L (radiator)
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RIOTORO Morpheus Convertible Computer Case
Item #IM15TL518
Model #GPX100
  • Convertible PC case, resizes to fit your evolving needs
  • Dimensions: 18.6"H x 10.8"W x 18.3"D
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Supermicro SuperChassis 505-203B (Black)
Item #IM1RG9475
Model #CSE-505-203B
  • Mini ITX motherboard builds a perfect symmetry of hardware components required in media server or NAS box
  • Rack-mountable size for convenient installation and smooth operations
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Inwin Z Series Mini Tower Computer Case, 5xBay, for Mini ITX/Micro ATX Motherboard (Z583.CH350TB3)
Item #2111245
Model #Z583CH350TB3
  • Suitable for Mini ITXand Micro ATX motherboards
  • Form factor: Mini-tower
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HP® Desktop Mini Chassis Tower Stand, Black (G1K23AA)
Item #IM1VN4638
Model #G1K23AA
  • Tower stand is useful in space-constrained environment
  • Dimensions: 6.3" x 4.6"
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Intel® 3850 RPM Cooling Fan/Heatsink, Black (BXTS15A)
Item #IM11G8251
Model #BXTS15A
  • Cooling fan/heatsink is suitable for gamers and over clockers
  • Dimensions: 3.5"H x 3.7"W
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Lenovo™ ThinkCentre Tiny Power Cage, Black (4XF0H09737)
Item #2582291
Model #12038010
  • Dimensions: 5.31"H x 2.44"W x 1.33"D
  • Comes in black color
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Tripp Lite SmartRack Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit, 198.2 CFM (SRCOOL7KRM)Tripp Lite SmartRack Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit, 198.2 CFM (SRCOOL7KRM)
Item #IM1ZZ1141
  • Air conditioning unit is perfect for data centers, server rooms and network closets
  • Dimensions: 13.9"H x 17.4"W x 22.5"D, 7'L cord
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Choosing a computer case presents several challenges. The builder determines the best size, which includes requirements for motherboards, bays, number of ports, expansion slots, and style. A desktop tower case for personal use varies widely from a case for small or large businesses. Gamers require additional graphics cards and may consider different features. View the Staples inventory for mini to full tower cases in numerous sizes and styles.

Tower case sizes
People build computers for various reasons: customization, space concerns, or personal expression. The choices available include compact cases as well as mid-tower and full tower cases. Compact, desktop tower cases save space at home and in small office spaces. The cases offer the same general features as mid-tower cases but on a smaller level.

Mid-tower cases fit most small to medium-size businesses. Cases hold six bays with expansion slots, space for additional graphics cards, storage, and optional peripheral ports. These cases fit under most desks and on desktops. Both desktop units and mid-tower cases allow for future expansion as needed.

Full tower cases offer ample space for multiple motherboards, graphics cards, custom cooling systems, and accessories. These cases best serve medium to large businesses, gamers, and people with the need for graphics-based applications. Full tower cases allow for future expansion without sacrificing any existing components.

Case designs
Builders choose from multiple case designs for custom computer cases. Professional offices streamline networks with sleek, sophisticated designs. Small offices save money by choosing compact desktop models. Gamers and artists create uniquely designed units to fit jobs or personalities.

Case materials include aluminum, plastic, steel, and tempered glass. Optional glass panels allow users to view internal works during operation. Most cases feature front panel access and USB ports, with additional ports in the rear of the machine. Additional ventilation panels prevent overheating of powerful computers. Builders select optional slotted vents in the top and sides of PC cases to reduce heat from long-term use. Personalized cases include vibrant colors, rotating logos, and colored lights for interest. 

Can cases reduce noise during operation?
Custom cases reduce noise through tempered glass panels, additional soundproofing panels on top and sides, and liquid cooling systems. Some cases offer speed-controlled fans for noise reduction.

Do PC cases offer custom lights?
Some models offer custom light patterns on the front panels. Users set colors to fit a chosen design scheme. Interior lights glow when placed behind clear, tempered glass panels. Exterior designs add flair to black or gunmetal cases.

Which case offers the highest number of bays?
Full tower cases offer up to 10 bays for storage, components, and accessories. 

Do cases require separate dust filters?
Cases feature built-in dust filters to prevent dirt from clogging the internal works of the computer. Some cases offer additional filters.

What is a liquid cooling system?
Computers use either an air cooling system or a liquid cooling system. An air cooling system relies on multiple fans to circulate air and keep the computer components cool. A liquid cooling system uses a radiator and tubes filled with coolant to keep the computer at the desired temperature.