Training Room Tables

Training rooms require furniture that facilitates learning and keeps employees and guests comfortable. From simple folding options to those with electricity built in, Staples carries training tables that meet the needs of most organizations.

Flexible Training Tables Maximize Use
Tables for training and meeting areas come in different options that suit a variety of workplaces. Folding tables set up quickly and easily fold down to maximize storage space. Stationary library-style tables provide permanent work areas for conference rooms and meeting halls. Modular tables let users rearrange the configuration as needed to provide seating that facilitates collaboration, group brainstorming and larger gatherings, and U-shaped tables make it simple for trainers and company leaders to speak to groups and ensure that everyone can see and hear clearly. Square and round models are ideal for training smaller groups and promoting discussion during team-building activities.

Is a Wheeled or Stationary Table the Right Option?
A wheeled training table improves mobility, lets a single person rearrange the layout of training rooms to maximize productivity and reduces the risk of injury due to improper lifting techniques. Tables with wheels have locking casters that keep them secure during use for added safety. Consider wheeled options that fold or flip to maximize storage space and make cleanup simple. Stationary tables work well in dedicated training and meeting areas. These tables remain in one place, so they are always ready to go for impromptu sessions. Stationary tables are heavier and sturdier, providing a workspace that withstands frequent use.

Durable Materials Simplify Maintenance
Tables for training are available with legs made from steel, aluminum and other metals, which can all be cleaned easily with a cloth. Metal legs provide increased strength and durability with many featuring powder coating that resists scratches and dings. Laminate tabletops are water and stain resistant, making them a good choice for rooms where beverages and food are acceptable. Plywood tops provide a lightweight alternative to other options. Melamine is strong and light, making it ideal for rooms where tables need to be moved frequently. Consider plastic tables to combine ease of maintenance, a lightweight design and resistance to water and damage.

Added Features Provide Convenience and Comfort
Training tables are available with additional features that increase convenience and comfort. Tables with electricity built in makes it simple for attendees to use laptops and computers or to charge mobile devices to capture important information. Look for tables with cord grommets that minimize cable clutter and keep the space tidy. Keyboard trays maximize the available table space by placing the keyboards under the table for easy access. A training table that includes tower shelves lets users store bulky towers along the edges to increase leg room. Tables that include modesty panels ensure groups facing others are comfortable and covered throughout the meeting or training session.

Whether you're creating a dedicated training space or maximizing the potential of a multipurpose room, Staples offers different tables for training that help facilitate learning and communication using configurations that fit well in nearly any available space.