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Vinyl Duct Tape

Vinyl duct tape is a thin, stretchy tape sometimes called electrical tape. It differs from heavy-duty duct tape in that it consists of only a vinyl backing and rubber adhesive, and has no interior cloth. This gives the adhesive a particularly elastic quality that can create a waterproof seal. It is highly sticky, yet leaves little residue when removed. Vinyl duct tape also comes in a wide range of colors and widths, making it ideal for color-coding, bundling, adhering items to surfaces, and crafts.

A Comparison of Vinyl Duct Tapes
Vinyl duct tapes are rated by their strength, elasticity, and temperature range. While most are 7 to 10 millimeters thick, they may vary as to how many pounds per inch they can hold without breaking or losing adherence. These flexible tapes can stretch from 150 to 250 percent of their original length. They are excellent for sealing wires and cables, indoors or out, so need to stand up to extreme temperatures. Most vinyl adhesives can handle scorching temperatures, but they may vary as to how well they fare in the cold.

The Right Vinyl Duct Tape for the Job
When choosing a vinyl tape for a certain project, consider what it will need to do. A type with a high tensile strength can bear more weight per inch without breaking, and one with a high adhesion strength can hold more weight per inch without losing its ability to grip. These high strength adhesives are useful when binding an object to another, such as cables to a wall. Vinyl duct tapes which have a high elongation percentage will stretch more, which is good for sealing or insulating wires, but very elastic types can lose shape quickly if expected to hold weight. Colored vinyl tape is great for color-coding, but it tends to break down faster under UV exposure. Use black tape where the adhesive needs to withstand exposure to light.

Why Should Vinyl Duct Tape Be Used for Electrical Work?
Vinyl duct tape is often called electrical tape because its elasticity and strong adhesion can create a tight, waterproof seal. When wrapped in a coil around an electrical cord, it insulates wires from exposure, as well as protecting anyone from being exposed to a potentially live wire. Vinyl tape also has a natural rubber adhesive, which can prevent a short in the electrical circuit.

What's the Best Way to Apply Vinyl Duct Tape?
Vinyl is strong, and when it's applied in layers, it becomes exponentially stronger. Wrap the adhesive around an item in a coil fashion to create bundles, or use multiple overlapping strips when adhering an item to a surface. Slightly stretching the tape as it is applied will help create a tighter seal.

Are Scissors Needed to Cut Vinyl Duct Tape?
Vinyl tape is thin and users can tear it by hand. However, some warping might occur at the rip site, which may affect how smoothly the ends adhere. To avoid this, cut the tape with a sharp blade or scissors.


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3M™ 2" x 50 yds. Vinyl Duct Tape 3903, White, 24/Case
Item: 192024 / Model : T9873903W
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  • Adhesion to steel: 20 oz
  • Tensile strength: 14 lb/in
  • Elongation: 150%
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3M™ 2" x 50 yds. 24/Case Vinyl Duct Tapes 3903
Item: SS2080035
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  • Available colors: Black, blue, green, red and yellow
  • 15.4 oz./in (adhesion to steel), 12.6 lbs./in (tensile strength)
  • 6.3 mil thickness
As low as 245.49 $245.49
Multiple options available
3M™ 2" x 60 yds. 3/Pack Vinyl Duct Tape 6969
Item: SS2080036
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  • Available colors: Black and olive green
  • 61 oz./in (adhesion to steel), 32 lbs./in (tensile strength)
  • 10.7 mil thickness
As low as 97.19 $97.19
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3M™ 2" x 50 yds. 3/Pack Vinyl Duct Tapes 3903
Item: SS2080034
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  • Available colors: Black, blue, green, red, white and yellow
  • 15.4 oz./in (adhesion to steel), 12.6 lbs./in (tensile strength)
  • 6.3 mil thickness
As low as 46.99 $46.99
Multiple options available