Use tape for a variety of display, shipping, and renovation needs. Find a variety of Scotch tape and tape dispensers for both the office and home, and add safety and efficiency to completing difficult painting projects. Enliven crafts with colorful and patterned duct tapes.

Decorating and Renovation
For DIY projects, make sure to choose from the selection of masking tape for a clean, professional finish. Weather-resistant painters tape is perfect for long-term or outside projects. Use adhesive transfer tape to bond decorative trim or circuits that need to be hidden away. Durable, self-sealing duct tape allows you to seal, hold, or strengthen almost anything during your renovation or fix-up projects. Duct tape bonds to virtually any surface, creating watertight seals on pipes, furniture, cars, or whatever else requiring a strong seal.

Shipping and Storing
For shipping and storing valuables securely, use clear packing tape. Build sturdy and durable containers with just a few lengths of tape. To ensure the safety of your materials for shipping and storing, choose from selections of bubble roll, packing fill, and peanuts.

Gift Wrapping
Make sure your thoughtful gift is presented in equally as impressive wrapping. Choose from a wide variety of invisible tapes to secure wrapping paper seamlessly, or pick a tape with a matte finish to attach messages and even write on the tape itself.

Dispensers and accessories ensure quick and convenient use, whether you are playing Santa or resealing inventory boxes after counting. Small dispensers are perfect for narrow tape, while handheld dispensers with cutting edges make quick work of packing. Make sure to stock up with backup rolls to quickly refill the dispensers.