Fencing It In, Exploring Area & Perimeter

Item #: 935261 | Model #: WCA4612

About this product

Fence it in game where students learning concepts of area and perimeter in group or individual situations.

Surprise! Measures of area and perimeter do not need to be confusing! This miniature lab teaches area and perimeter concepts through hands-on activities, problem-solving, and a card game that can be played at three levels. With the task cards, learners use square tiles and rulers to measure the area and perimeter of square-based shapes. Later task cards present challenges like assembling tiles into a mystery shape with a given area and perimeter. In the card game, players pair shape cards with matching area/perimeter cards. Fence It In is a powerful measurement resource! Includes 9 double-sided task cards, rulers, square tiles, and 50 cards. For 1-4 players. Grades 2 and Up

  • Math Learning Game
  • Learning Concepts Of Area And Perimeter In Group Or Individual Situations
  • Dimensions: 6"(H) x 8"(W) x 1 1/2"(D)
  • Recommended For Ages 7+ Years
  • Includes 9 Double Sided Task Cards, 50 Playing Cards, 40 Square Tiles, 4 Rulers, Instructions