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Fiberboard mailers are sturdy envelopes made of paperboard and other types of cardboard. Compared to regular paper envelopes, these are thicker and have more rigid structures. These features make them ideal for mailing documents, books, calendars, artwork, and photographs. Staples® has a varied selection of fiberboard envelopes and shipping boxes as well as a large inventory of mailing supplies for business and home use.

Choose the Right Fiberboard Mailers for Your Package
The rigid construction of fiberboard envelopes protects their contents from creasing, crushing, and bending. Also known as Stay Flat® mailers, they are perfect for sending out flat items like paper documents. Besides fiberboard, materials commonly used for this class of envelopes include corrugated paperboard and kraft paper. These are tough, tear-resistant materials that can withstand the rigors of shipping better than regular paper envelopes.

Paperboard mailers are also available as padded envelopes and corrugated fiberboard boxes. These designs are ideal for shipping fragile items like CD/DVDs, jewelry, and small electronics. The cushioning of padded mailers prevents soft goods from jostling around in their packages and protects against breakage. Most of such envelopes use bubble packing but plastic foam and shredded newsprint can also serve as padding. The fluted walls of corrugated mailers serve as padding and make these boxes crush-resistant.

Key Features to Consider When Shopping for Mailers
Paperboard mailers come in different sizes ranging from small ones measuring 6 x 9 inches and 6 x 8 inches to large units with sizes between 9 x 12 inches and 13 x 18 inches. Consider the size of the items you wish to send when selecting a mailer size. Mailer design is another important factor to consider. Design aspects to note include envelope orientation as well as flap and seal types.

Pocket-type cardboard mailers have their opening flaps on their short sides while wallet-styled ones place those on their longer edges. While top-opening units are more common, side-opening ones make inserting and retrieving paper documents easier. With regards to flaps and seals, the most common options are gummed, peel-and-seal, and self-sealing tear tabs. Alternatives include locking tabs that use cutouts, clasps, and button and string for closure. Tear tabs are more secure. Choose envelopes with this closure for private documents. Locking ones make mailers reusable and are best for non-confidential contents.

Should You Consider GSM When Selecting Fiberboard Mailers?
GSM (grams per square meter), or grammage, is a unit of paper thickness. The higher the GSM of a paper product, the thicker, and more durable, it is. A regular paper envelope has a GSM value of 100 or less while premium varieties may use up to 180gsm paper. Grammage for fiberboard envelopes is 250gsm or higher. Since these mailers are strong enough for the paper and small items usually shipped in envelopes, there’s no need to consider their GSM ratings when shopping for them.

What Are Gusseted Mailers?
Gusseted stay flat mailers are expandable envelopes with collapsible sides. These can carry flat documents as well as bulky items like catalogs and books. The concertina design and expanding sides provide additional room to fit extra items.

Are Kraft Mailers the Same as Manila Envelopes?
No. While both of them usually come in brown, kraft mailers are made of fiberboard with higher tear resistance than manila paper. Kraft mailers are also available in white.

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Add to cart 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 1" Gusseted Stayflats Mailers, White, 100/Ct (RM2G)
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Add to cart LUX 6 x 9 Colored Paperboard Mailers 50/Box, Bright Fuchsia (69PBM-BF-50)
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