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Method All-Purpose Cleaner, Pink Grapefruit, 28 Oz. (00010)Method All-Purpose Cleaner, Pink Grapefruit, 28 Oz. (00010)
Item #673761
Model #00010
  • Naturally derived all-purpose surface spray cleaner with Pink Grapefruit scent puts the hurt on dirt
  • 28 oz. spray bottle
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Cleaning products are key in any organization. Keeping office or classroom areas safe and healthy need not involve harsh chemicals. Staples offers a wide variety of natural cleaning supplies made from a combination of natural and recycled materials. These include various spray cleaners, wipes, paper products, and hand soaps.

Natural spray cleaners
Spray cleaners, from all-purpose varieties to floor or glass cleaners, may contain a number of dangerous chemicals. There are eco-friendly alternatives that carry the same cleaning power. Most of the options for green spray cleaning are from bio-based solutions and boast certifications from various environmental institutions to ensure their natural ingredients. Keep all kinds of surfaces clean and safe with solutions free of ammonia, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals. Most of the bottles themselves are recyclable and made from recycled materials. These cleaners are also available in gallons of concentrate that reduce the waste of single-use bottles.

Natural disinfectant wipes
Wipes are a quick fix for disinfecting door handles, sink faucets, and phones, or cleaning up all the little messes. This category of natural cleaning supplies shares many of the benefits of natural spray cleaners. These disinfectant wipes use plant-based cleaning solutions that degrease and disinfect a variety of surfaces safely without left-behind residue. They do not damage any hard, non-porous surface. Many of the wipes are bio-degradable or compostable.

Natural hand soap
Hand soap is another crucial category of natural cleaning supplies. Clean hands are key to any productive and healthy home, school, or office. Most of these soaps come in recycled and/or recyclable bottles. There are gel and foam options, as well as a variety of scents to suit any preference. Most of them even include moisturizing compounds, which prevents dry skin. Some brands of natural hand soap require a specific dispenser, while others come in bottles with built-in pumps. There are also natural hand-sanitizing wipes that are antibacterial and alcohol-free. Keep these sting-free hand wipes around the office or classroom to save everyone a few trips to the sink.

Recycled paper products
While paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissues are not recyclable, some are made from recycled materials. Choosing the recycled options for these single-use items is an important step on the road to sustainability. The recycled varieties of these products are equally effective as their alternatives. Various shapes and sizes of recycled paper towels and toilet paper accommodate most existing dispensers.

Are natural cleaning supplies as effective as other cleaning supplies?
Check the product specifications individually before purchase, but many of these cleaning products offer the very same benefits as their less eco-friendly counterparts, with the bonus of being better for people and better for the environment.

Is there a difference between white and brown recycled paper towels and tissues?
Usually, no. While it's important to look at product specifications for each option, the only difference between brown and white paper products typically is that the brown ones don't go through a bleaching process.

What is the best way to transition into using all-natural cleaning supplies?
While transitioning all at once might seem like the most effective route, every little thing counts towards a healthier classroom, home, or workplace, as well as a healthier Earth. Once you decide to use natural supplies, order the eco-friendly version of each item as needed. Your supply closet will be full of sustainable supplies soon enough, without wasting the supplies you already have. However, if something contains dangerous chemicals, discontinue use as soon as possible and dispose of it safely.