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Oce Imagistics Ink & Toner at Staples
  • The market for office and personal printers abounds with hundreds of different makes and models that require an array of printer cartridge and drum configurations. OCE Imagistics printer cartridges are a specialty accessory for CAD and fine-arts printers. Their high-quality construction and performance also make them an ideal fit for other select print-processor models. OCE Imagistics toner cartridges available from Staples are compatible with both original print-processing systems and several cross-system model equivalents.

    OCE Imagistics Is Now Part of CSA Canon
    OCE Imagistics started out as Oce. Oce eventually merged with Imagistics, Inc., formerly known as Pitney Bowes, a well-regarded maker of office equipment. OCE Imagistics is now a Netherlands-based company that has become part of Canon Solutions America. OCE Imagistics printer cartridges maintain the printing functionality of legacy copiers and multifunction processors made throughout its evolution as a company.

    Print-Processing Compatibility
    Among the original print processors that require OCE Imagistics toner cartridges are Kyocera-Mita and Monroe desktop copiers. They provide sharp monochrome output to support the reproduction and printing needs of small offices and medium-size workgroups. Compatible toner cartridges from OCE Imagistics also fit Pitney Bowes and Oce multifunction print processors. These models are offered under different maker labels throughout the world, including Olympia, Sharp and Copystar.

    Compatibility with Drum Units
    OCE Imagistics toner cartridges work in tandem with several drum units offered by Staples to support the monochrome laser-printing technology of Oce and Pitney Bowes multifunction processors. The cartridges transfer toner onto print media electrostatically from their companion photoreceptor drums. The compatible toner cartridges and drum units offered by Staples are designed specifically for the original Oce and Pitney Bowes models but also fit successive generations of rebranded processors.

    Balanced Eco-Considerations
    As part of the Canon company, OCE Imagistics printer cartridges are eligible for Canon's toner cartridge reuse and recycling program. Canon weighs the benefits of reusing empty cartridges against the environmental costs of the energy used to clean, refill and transport them. It has designated some OCE Imagistics cartridges for reuse but not others.

    OCE Imagistics toner cartridges fill a specialty niche market for printers. They maintain the printing functionality of high-quality copiers and multifunction print processors that continue to be rebranded as other models throughout the world. The OCE Imagistics printer cartridges available from Staples are the genuine predecessor line for all of them.