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Primera Technology Ink & Toner at Staples
  • Home and business users with specialized label- and disc-printing needs often use Primera printers. When the ink runs out, genuine Primera printer cartridges keep these unique printers running smoothly. Staples carries a full range of Primera ink cartridges, making it easy to find the refills needed to keep Primera label and disc printers running.

    Excellent Print Quality
    Primera inkjet printer cartridges are engineered to meet the unique requirements of disc and label printers. The steady ink flow they provide to the print head creates output with consistent color levels and complete surface coverage, so labels are easy to read and attractive. Inks used in Primera printer cartridges are formulated to adhere to unusual surfaces such as glossy paper used for bottle or package labeling and the plastic surfaces of ready-to-print DVDs or Blue-ray discs. The finished products dry almost instantly, so they can be used in automated label applicators or automated disc replicating systems seamlessly. Primera ink cartridges produce brilliant full-color output at very high resolutions.

    Convenient Packaging
    Most Primera printer cartridges are easy-to-install, spill-resistant products, making it simple to get printers back in service quickly. Disc and label printers have unique ink flow requirements. To meet these needs, some Primera printers use multicolor Primera ink cartridges, while others use several cartridges, with one color in each. Multicolor cartridges are simpler to install, but individual color cartridges may reduce ink waste, since you can replace each inkjet printer cartridge as it runs out. Some of these products are available in both standard- and high-yield versions. Choose a standard-yield inkjet printer cartridge for low-demand printing and reduce up-front purchase costs, or handle larger print jobs and minimize long-term expenses with high-yield cartridges. Most Primera ink cartridges are sold individually, making it easy to purchase just the ink you need.

    Disc and label printing can present a unique technical challenge, and Primera printer cartridges are designed to handle this specialized printing task. Cartridges use inks formulated to adhere to the special paper and plastic surfaces encountered in label printing and produce superior color output at very high resolutions, ensuring each printed label is professional looking and beautiful.