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Control lighting from anywhere?


With the Staples Connect App and Universal Hub, you'll never be left in the dark. Unless you want to be. Our expansive selection of lighting products enables you to remotely turn lights on and off, and so much more.

An extensive assortment of Lighting Control products. Check out some of our favorites.

Pico Remote Control

Use Lutron and Serena products to remotely turn lights on/off, adjust brightness, and raise/lower shades.

In-Wall Dimmer

Create just the right light for any activity, and replace your regular wall dimmer to add remote access.

Plug-In Lamp Dimmer

Easily dim your table and floor lamps. Simply plug into any outlet to control lighting.

Remote-Controlled Shades

Conveniently adjust shades with the touch of a button. Serena's ultra-quiet operation is safe with cordless design.

Hue Lighting System

Fun lighting scenes that can be adjusted for color based on whatever mood you're in!