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Get insights into the next big trends in business with the Staples® Workplace Survey.

Each year, we survey thousands of workers across the U.S. to inform businesses of all sizes on how everyday factors affect their employees. Take a look at what real people are saying about their workplace and what’s most important to them.

This year’s highlights

  • 43%of employees say the ability to work remotely is a must-have, yet only 38% of employers allow it.

  • 80%of workers believe that employers have a responsibility to keep employees mentally and physically well.

  • 37%of workers in an open office design consider their space “distracting,” as opposed to 28% for those in a closed office layout.

  • 21%of employees would take a 10% pay cut to work in a nicer workplace.

A closer look at the data

Employers are at risk of losing talent to competitors who are better able to adapt to office trends, according to this year’s Workplace Survey. There’s a gap between employees’ expectation for the office environment and what their employers are providing – let’s uncover where companies are falling short.

The latest findings

2017 Full Report

Employees’ relationships with their workplaces are changing rapidly. Is your company prepared for the way your staff wants to work?


Infographic: What employees want

See what’s at the top of employees’ list when it comes to their office environment.


Working Remotely — The new normal

In fact, only 32% of employees spend all their time working in the office. Is your company keeping up?


2016 Findings

  • 2016 Full Report

    What affects the way you work? We surveyed workers to gain insights about their productivity habits, work/life balance, job loyalty, engagement and more.

  • Infographic: Generations Reveal Their Workplace Preferences

    With as many as five generations working in a typical office today, meeting all of their needs can be a challenge.

  • What’s the State of the Workplace?

    Last year, the Workplace Survey found that workers were burned out and overworked. Check out what this year’s survey uncovered.

  • 5 Generations, 1 Workplace. Making It Work.

    With five generations active in the workplace, creating an environment that meets all of their needs can be a challenge. It all starts with the right plan.

  • The Overworked Workforce.

    50% of employees surveyed say they put in more than 40 hours each week and still can’t catch up. So how do you keep your team happy and motivated? Here are four ways.

  • American Workers Face Love/Hate Relationship with the Office

    As longer hours become the norm just to keep up, workers look to wellness programs, technology, break time and office design to keep them going.


2015 Findings

  • 2015 Full Report

    What affects the way you work? We surveyed workers to gain insights about their productivity habits, work/life balance, job loyalty, engagement and more.

  • Employee Satisfaction:
    How Does Your Organization Stack Up?

    As employers become increasingly more concerned with employee motivation and engagement, it’s important to know what’s driving productivity.

  • The Key to Workplace Happiness

    Despite the high number of people experiencing burnout, many workers say they are happy and motivated. Here are 8 insights why.

  • How Do Millennials Work?

    From job loyalty to workplace flexibility, millennials have their own unique way of approaching their careers and jobs.

  • Six Ways to Attract 
and Retain Millennials

    Attracting and retaining employees is a higher priority for businesses than ever. Here are 6 unexpected ways to bring on new talent.


About the Survey

The 2017 Staples Workplace Survey was conducted among 1,204 employees across a selection of companies varying in size, geography and industry. A total of 905 employees were interviewed in the U.S. (751 were classified as general workers and 154 as business decision makers). A total of 299 employees were interviewed in Canada (253 general office workers and 46 decision makers). The interviews were conducted online, on behalf of Staples, by KRC Research in August 2017.