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Business Card Basics: Creating Memorable Business Cards | Business Hub |®

Business Card Basics: Creating Memorable Business Cards

Many companies rely on a selection of business card templates to craft their own business cards. These templates provide a basic starting point, however, if not carefully used, they may fail to capture the overall feel of your company.

Making an Effective Business Card

Creating business cards does not need to be an expensive or time-consuming process. Business card templates allow you to quickly enter key information, such as names or contact numbers, but they often fail to convey your business's personality. More effective cards can have a greater influence on your vendors and customers, while also lending additional credibility to your enterprise.

Modern business card technology allows for embossed cards, large numbers of colors or images and die-cut designs that can take any shape or form. Simple business cards are effective but may not impress your business partners. Business card templates often create a very simple design that can be easily scanned into a smartphone or business card organizer. Try selecting card colors or printing methods that match those used in your company. Business logos should match the text colors on the card and even complement the embossed design of the card itself. Images should never interfere with the lettering on the card, but careful use of colorful designs can make your card more effective in the field of business card template lookalikes. Colors should clearly stand out from backgrounds, and every word of the text should be easy to read at arm's length.

Advanced cards come with an additional cost. Many companies offset these costs by keeping two sets of cards. They may use one for everyday encounters and another for important trade shows, meetings or high-value clientele. Cards created from simple business card templates can be a great fallback when your high-end cards are unavailable. New cards for a company can range in cost from tens to thousands of dollars, but their impact as a marking tool allows a savvy entrepreneur to recoup those costs quickly. Consider adding a coupon code or similar marketing device to the underside of the card. This entices customers to visit your store or office and see what you have to offer.

Creating the Perfect Card

Crafting the perfect card for your business is a trial-and-error process. Like most marketing tools, the benefits may not always pay off immediately, but the long-term benefits include a larger clientele and enhanced visibility of your business. This sets your business apart from the companies that rely solely on unenhanced business card templates. You may wish to attempt a standard marketing rollout process when changing your cards. Try creating a set of different cards and distributing them at random to see which ones new customers bring back into the store. This technique works especially well when combined with coupon promotions or other methods of individually marking your cards.


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