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Boxing Equipment

Find a wide range of boxing equipment, from heavy bags to hand wraps, by popular brands such as Amber Sports, Hayabusa, and Throwdown MMA gear. Get the tools you need to get in shape, boost your cardio, or train competitively.

Apparel and Boots
Lightweight fighting uniforms, breathable boxing shorts, and boxing shoes are essential when you're putting in long hours of training. The footwork and constant motion required to succeed can do a number on your feet and ankles if you're not able to remain flexible at all times. Boxing footwear provides stability and support to your ankles while allowing for maximum flexibility at the balls of your feet. Boxing shorts provide comfort and a full range of motion at your legs, which is imperative for footwork drills and kick boxing. Boxing shorts also provide a larger groin area to allow room to place a protective cup without any discomfort.

Punching Bags
Boost your speed, stamina, or overall punching power with a speed bag or heavy bag. Purchase a double ended bag-stand with both options for some variety in your boxing equipment. A speed bag provides the proper balance between hand/eye coordination, speed, and accuracy to keep your mind and body focused on your boxing workouts. A heavy bag allows you to throw more powerful punches, forcing you to exert more energy and increase your punching power and endurance.

Protective Equipment
Most boxing injuries can be avoided by utilizing the proper protective equipment. Protect your hands and wrists from taking the full impact of a punch while training or sparring with hand wraps and boxing gloves or training mitts. Besides protecting your offensive tools, you can never be too careful when sparring. Headgear, pads, groin protectors, and grappling equipment are all essential when you're on the receiving edge of boxing or MMA training. Augment your protective equipment with a first aid kit, so you're ready to treat injuries.


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