Knee & Leg Supports

Protect your knee and leg before long days at work, mild exercise, or strenuous athletic practice sessions with knee supports and braces. Choose from a wide selection of knee immobilizers or cast boots for added strength and protection when recovering from leg and knee injuries.

Supportive and Durable
Neoprene knee supports are ideal for athletes who want to prevent injuries and keep muscles and joints warm and flexible; mild compression prevents fluid retention and pressure on the kneecap. Choose supports with a round buttress for extra protection and stabilization of the patella, with seamless construction to avoid irritation. Easy slip-on styles make it possible for you to add a little extra support during your workday or before a tough sports practice session.

Stimulating and Flexible
Mutual conductive knee support units provide electrical stimulation to increase blood flow, reduce pain, and minimize swelling, all while maintaining gentle compression. Choose a hinged knee support brace for the utmost of flexibility, and take advantage of its heat-retentive qualities to promote faster healing. Washable knee supports with stays provide added vertical protection in the event of ligament injuries and maintain your own body warmth to help soft-tissue injuries heal more quickly.

Strong and Protective
Choose from an array of high-quality, waterproof cast boots when recovering from a broken leg requiring a cast. Post-surgical boots provide extra padding under your heel when you're getting back on your feet after surgery. Transition from these supportive units to lightweight but still protective ankle and foot supports as you move through the stages of healing.