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Quartet Calendar & In-Out Boards

Organize Meetings, Deadlines, and CelebrationsTame the chaos of your home or office with boards that provide a space for every person and activity. Select a board with a cork attachment or a magnetic backing for additional display options. One quick glance reveals important events that need your attention.

Versatile Sizes and Styles
With a large variety of sizes and styles, there is a board to fit whatever space you have available, from the refrigerator door to the conference room wall. Choose boards that have decorative frames for a highly visible location, or stick with a utilitarian design for a break room. Boards with a stylized background act as wall art, and multi-packs include several calendars for planning months ahead.

Reusable and Flexible
Unlike paper calendars, these boards can be used again and again. If an appointment changes, simply clean the area and write the new information, keeping your calendar neat and easy to read. Use board accessories, such as color-coded tapes and magnets, to track individual projects. Select a board that accommodates thumb tacks or magnets if you need to mount paperwork.

Visible Reminder
Employees and family members often have their own digital schedules, but these boards are daily visual reminders of upcoming events and deadlines. Place the calendars in a common area so that you never miss an important meeting or school event. You can also mount an in-out board near your reception desk so that coworkers and visitors can quickly see if a particular employee is available.

Homework Helper
Hang a calendar board above your child's desk to help him organize his homework assignments and upcoming tests. Colorful markers make it fun for students to handle their own organization, and children can easily erase mistakes.


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