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Computer Privacy Screens & Protectors

MEASURING FOR YOUR PRIVACY SCREENS AND PROTECTORS: Measure from the upper left corner DIAGONALLY down to the lower right corner.  Make sure you measure the Viewable Area Only.  For a proper fit, do NOT include the monitor or laptop frame or casing in your measurement.  Also, note if your screen is Stamdard (Ratio 4:3) or Widescreen (Ratio 16:9) format.

Add these screen protectors and filters to your computers to stay safe in crowded, busy areas. These sheets are easy to install, so you can protect your screen on the go. Some options are reversible, allowing you to choose which kind of filter or protection you want without switching products.

Privacy Filters
Privacy filters disguise the screen when viewed from any angle other than straight on, blocking your screen from anyone sitting next to you. This is ideal for looking at sensitive business information, filling in personal forms, and creating unique work others should not see. Privacy filters often have anti-glare and protection built in as well.

Anti-glare Filters
These screen protectors and filters keep glare on your screen to a minimum. The lack of glare helps reduce eye strain even during long-term computer use. Protect your eyes from fatigue by adding one of these convenient filters to the screens you use most often. Some also include a light tint that makes the images on your monitor more crisp.

Protects Screen
Touch screen laptop computers are easily scratched or dirtied with fingerprints during use, but with these screen protectors and filters, there is a layer between your fingers and the screen. Keep your screen safe with a protector that is easy to replace when the smudges and scratches become too distracting.

Clear Adhesive
Many of these screen protectors and filters feature a clear adhesive that holds the sheet tightly against your screen without destroying your view. Some also include cleaning supplies to ensure a clear view even when fingerprints or dust clutter the screen cover.

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Green Onions Supply® RT-SPMSRT02HD Anti-Glare Screen Protector For Microsoft Surface With Windows RT
Item: IM1QM1840 / Model : RT-SPMSRT02HD
  • Providing superior clarity to matte films that aren't even as effective as AG+
  • Adds super effective glare reduction coating
  • Enhanced protection from scratches and smudges
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Green Onions Supply® RT-SPFG17HD/M Anti-Glare Screen Protector For 17.3" LCD Notebook
Item: IM1DX2575 / Model : RT-SPFG17HD/M
  • Anti glare filtering significantly reduces the lighting problems caused by reflective screens
  • Provides scratch protection without any increase in bulkiness and screen's increased clarity, lack of lighting artifacts
  • Protects the screen from scratches
Green Onions Supply® RT-SPM14X02 AG2 Anti-Glare Screen Protector For Alienware M14x R1 and R2
Item: IM1GV8950 / Model : RT-SPM14X02
  • Protector adds scratch and abrasion resistance for an extra layer of screen protection
  • Reduces glare while retaining high clarity
  • Protects screen and bezel from scratches and smudges