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Rectal Tubes

Administer medication and treatment solutions via the colon or remove fecal debris and gas with rectal tubes. Stock up on durable tubing so you always have some on hand for necessary procedures. Choose tubes of different sizes to match the specific procedure your patient has scheduled.

Single-Use Convenience
Rectal tubes intended for a single use eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination and prevent the introduction of infectious organisms to the colon and lower intestines. Using single-use tubing also reduces cleanup, since you can simply throw away the tube once it has been removed from the patient. Buying in bulk offers an economical way to ensure that you always have rectal tubing available when you need it.

Easy to Use
Placing a rectal catheter is a simple procedure that can be performed by a doctor or nurse, and flexible tubing helps minimize patient discomfort. Rectal tubes remain in place without slipping out under normal circumstances, so repeated placement isn't generally necessary, and the smooth surface reduces friction during placement and removal, making both processes easier. Use lubricating jelly to make placing the rectal tube easier for you and more comfortable for the patient.

Delivers Reliable Performance
Durable rectal tubes hold up well to standard use without tearing, breaking, or leaking, so the patient's skin and bedding stay free of debris even during long-term use. A rectal catheter stays flexible over time, so patient movement, such as turning over in the hospital bed, doesn't affect performance. Whether you're administering an enema or relieving a patient's gas after abdominal surgery, rectal tubing is a must-have item for a well-stocked surgical facility.


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  • Medline Poly-Catheter Rectal Tubes

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    • Non-sterile
    • Latex-free
    • Poly-catheter Rectal Tube available in 18 or 24 Fr
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1 item
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