Employee Protection Kits

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Employee protection kits include a dynamic variety of protective materials suitable for workers in any environment. Keep eyes, mouths, hands, hair, and more safe from harmful biohazards. Products come conveniently packaged in a pre-prepared set ready for each individual employee to use.

All Around Employee Protection
An employee protection kit creates a safe personal environment for a worker with protective goggles, fluid resistant face masks, powder free chemo exam gloves, one bouffant cap, a closed back gown with elastic cuffs, shoe covers, and a red liner for infectious waste. Eye shields are also available for increased eye protection. Take advantage of this all around security and be sure that you'll be safe and healthy in hazardous environments.

Convenient and Pre-Packaged for Use
Avoid wasting time searching out the most suitable products one by one. Many employee protection kits come shrink-wrapped together for individual use, so that each employee can easily access and be responsible for exactly the materials they need. Order in bulk to supply for a larger workforce or for long term home use. If you're looking to purchase individual products in bulk, check out a range of surgical supplies that cover all basic needs in addition to more specialized situations.

Ready for Hospital or At-Home Use
Whether you need general protection at a hospital or for medicinal problems at home, employee protection kits provide all your basic needs. Both professionals and everyday home users find these kits to be at a high industry standard. Choose high-quality products to ensure protection from any and all general hazards.

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