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A projector is an ideal way to make a presentation or movie available to huge groups of people. With sizes available that suit different rooms and presentation types, home and professional users can find options at Staples.

Choose the Right Projector Technology for Any Project
Projectors typically use one of three common imaging technologies. DLP projector models offer a smooth viewing experience by reflecting light through thousands of tiny mirrors, each of which replicates a pixel from the input source. Models that use LCoS technology have three color chips that deliver high-resolution video and graphics. LCD technology utilizes three glass panels that filter light to project images onto a wall or screen. Each is well suited to different situations. LCD models are optimal for dark rooms, while DLP models tend to be the most portable. LCoS options offer rich, highly saturated colors.

Maximize Image Quality with Projector Resolution and Brightness
Whether you need a projector for home or business use, a high-quality image is a priority. The display resolution specifies the number of pixels that a projector can create. The first value in the display resolution indicates how many pixels a projector displays in each row, and the second number indicates how many pixels it displays in each column. Higher resolution numbers suggest clearer and smoother images. While the resolution consists of both a horizontal and vertical measurement, brands often refer only to the vertical resolution. An HD projector offers a resolution of at least 720 pixels, while a Full HD model offers a resolution of 1080 pixels or greater. Brands use lumens to measure brightness. The number of lumens denotes how much light a projector's lamp emits.

Setup Options Affect Functionality at Work and at Home
Choose from portable models and ceiling-mounted devices. Portable options are lightweight and easy to set up in various locations, while those designed for stationary use tend to be heavier.

Which Input Sources Work with Projectors?
Projectors work with almost any possible input source. With adapters, standard connectors and wireless options, users can project images from tablets, computers, DVD players, phones and other types of technology.

Are There Differences Between Home and Business Projecting Models?
Consider purchasing a projector with a heavy-duty build for use in a business setting. If you plan to bring the projector to offsite meetings or events such as conferences, select a portable model. Devices with long lamp lives are optimal for business, since projectors see heavier usage in professional and educational settings. Opt for a high-resolution display if you'll be using the projector as part of client presentations.

Which Features Improve Image Quality?
Display resolution and brightness are two of the primary factors that affect image quality. The contrast ratio is also an essential detail; it compares the brightness of the lightest color displayed to the brightness of the darkest color displayed. HDMI connectivity allows a projector to replicate image and video quality from HD input sources.

Projectors are useful for personal, educational and professional applications. Compare options at Staples to find one that fits your needs.
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