Admission Kits

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Streamline admissions with admission kits that contain essential supplies for new patients. Whether you're supplying an emergency room or a nursing home, the wide range of kit types makes it easy to find the perfect option for your facility. Choose from kits designed for children or adults.

Useful Products
Admission kits contain a selection of commonly used items, from water pitchers and cups to wash basins. Many also come with personal care products that enable patients to stay comfortable and clean during an unexpected hospital stay. Each product arrives in a travel-sized package to reduce waste.

Purpose-Driven Collections
Help your patients feel more comfortable with kits that are designed to suit the environment. In a children's hospital, make the room feel more like home with pediatric admission kits that include coloring books, crayons, kid-sized amenities, and baby baths. Premium kits can add a touch of luxury to a private room, while basic kits are ideal for short stays.

Increased Convenience
Many admission kits contain key items used in exams and healthcare procedures, so your staff can have them within easy reach immediately after check-in. Select kits with emesis basins to receive dressings or act as a receptacle for vomit in emergency situations. During admissions, keep a supply of patient belonging bags nearby to protect and contain personal effects.

Don't waste time collecting individual supplies each time a patient checks in; these admission kits come in one convenient package, so your hospital staff can set up in minutes and get right to work. Since kits are sold in bulk cases, you can keep a supply on hand for new admissions. Each item in the kit is disposable to allow quick cleanup at the end of a patient's hospital stay.

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