Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is a productive hobby that lets you create something beautiful while releasing stress. With hundreds of adult coloring books available at Staples, aspiring artists can transform line art into engaging scenes or meaningful quotes.

Different Levels of Detail Suit all Art Supplies
One of the main differences between children's coloring books and adult coloring books is the level of detail. Coloring books made for adults tend to have much more detail, so they require more concentration and fine motor skills.

Between these books, there are various levels of detail. Users who want to sharpen their colored pencils and color intricate designs can choose detailed books while those who prefer to move through pages quickly can choose more sparsely detailed options. These options make it easy for artists to select books that work with colored pencils, markers, pens and crayons.

Color in the Book or Take Pages On-the-Go
Design options suit a range of coloring preferences. Books are generally paperback or softcover, so they take up limited space and are easy to transport. Some books offer perforated pages and single-page designs, which are convenient options for those who prefer to work on a hard surface, while other books have expansive two-page designs that require in-book coloring. Single-page designs are ideal for artists who want to frame their work and use it as home decor, while two-page options accommodate engaging landscapes.

Adult Coloring Books Bring Nature to Life
For those who appreciate a beautiful landscape or the charm of animals, there are many coloring pages that focus on nature. Users can immerse themselves in any setting regardless of where they are. In addition to simple animal artwork, many books have artistic animal-inspired patterns and mandalas. If you've always wanted a green thumb, books that focus on flowers and fauna are options to consider.

Calm Down with Inspiring Quotes and Mandalas
For many people, the draw of coloring is its ability to calm the mind and return aspiring artists to the simplicity of childhood. Mandalas offer detailed, complex designs that help users focus on color choice and pattern repetition. Artwork featuring quotes offers hope and inspiration, a popular feature for artists who need encouragement.

Tattoo and Fashion Adult Coloring Books Explore Your Creativity
Fashion and tattoos are inherently artistic, making them the ideal topics for adult coloring books. Tattoo books feature popular tattoo designs and let you explore different color schemes. Fashion-themed books give artists the freedom to put their own twist on clothing, stained glass and accessories.

Pay Homage with a Famous Artist Adult Coloring Book
Classic works of art get a whole new look in coloring books. Artists can choose to recreate the original artwork as closely as possible or completely overhaul the color scheme. Many books have thumbnails of the original paintings before the first coloring page, giving users a reference. Some books focus exclusively on a single artist, while others cover broad styles like Italian Renaissance and Impressionist artwork.

Creating detailed, richly colored artwork can be very fulfilling. Adult coloring book options are extremely diverse, letting users choose their favorite materials and subject matter.

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