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Apple Magic Mouse 2 MLA02LL/A Wireless Laser Mouse, Silver/WhiteApple Magic Mouse 2 MLA02LL/A Wireless Laser Mouse, Silver/White
Item #IM11J8833
Model #MLA02LL/A
  • Perfect mouse for everyday use at home or in the office, comfortable design
  • Take your wireless mouse anywhere, and rely on it when you need
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Apple Magic MRME2LL/A Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, Space GrayApple Magic MRME2LL/A Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, Space Gray
Out of Stock
Item #IM13AU992
Model #MRME2LL/A
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity offers more freedom for people who want to control devices and play games from a distance
  • Navigate the cursor up, down, left and right easily with touch scroller
Apple is as known for its peripherals as its cutting-edge computers. If you're looking for creative and efficient ways to drive the operations of your favorite Mac device, Apple mice feature streamlined design and cordless operations to help professionals and home users alike work quickly and efficiently.

How Apple Mice Stand Apart
Updates to many Apple mice include wireless functionality so you can control all types of Apple devices including MacBooks, Apple TV or an iPad from a distance. Smooth, ergonomic designs reduce strain on the wrist, making them a good choice for busy professionals who spend a lot of time editing graphics and images. The all-white, shiny surface looks equally appealing sitting on a desk or a coffee table. Multi-touch controls allow for easy multitasking in different applications. A smooth bottom design provides effortless movement on any surface.

The wired mouse still uses traditional optical tracking and a trackball on the top. Programmable buttons allow for a customized set up. The system panel enables specific configuration to control the right, left and central click positions. Its optical sensor means no more mouse pads and a smoother glide. The scroll ball lets anyone scan a web page quickly without having to touch the keyboard, great for catching up on the news of the day or reading a favorite blog.

Why Use Apple Trackpads
A trackpad, like a mouse, gives you control over your laptop or computer. Apple's trackpad has a wider surface with force sensors underneath, so a user can click anywhere on the surface and get a response. It is 6 inches wide, providing ample room for advanced applications like drawing, graphics and animation design. The trackpad connects wirelessly, charges up in minutes with an included Lightning to USB cable, and can run almost a month on a single charge.

It pairs instantly with any MacBook or any Apple computer right out of the box. A wireless trackpad needs OS X 10.11 or higher, so double check the operating system before purchase. It also features a glass on aluminum design, providing an attractive alternative to a mouse if you leave your laptop sitting out in the kitchen or the living room.

How Do Rechargeable Batteries Save Time and Money?
Wireless Apple mice now include a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for a stockpile of disposables. The internal battery also means the bottom of the mouse doesn't have a bulky battery cover, making the mouse smoother and easier to move. An included Lighting to USB cord provides a quick stream of power so you can recharge on the road.

Is an Apple Mouse Compatible With All Computers or Laptops?
Most wireless Apple mice pair exclusively with Mac hardware only. Upgraded mice are compatible with OS X 10.11 and above. It's a good idea to double-check the details to confirm that updated mice will work with your machine.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Wireless Mouse?
Using the Lighting port, it should only take about two minutes to recharge the mouse. A typical single charge lasts roughly nine hours, providing enough energy to get through the workday during the brief charging cycle.