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Art Brushes

When choosing art brushes for a classroom or studio, it's important to consider aspects such as bristle shape and type and intended applications. Staples offers an extensive variety of brush options, including high-quality natural bristles for serious painting projects, multi-use brushes for various applications and fun foam brushes that let kids get creative.

Which Art Brush Bristles Fit Your Needs?
Bristle type may be the most important element of your paint brush decision. Consider natural hair bristles such as hog hair, camel hair, goat hair, squirrel, sable or pony hair. Depending on the type of project the brushes are for, synthetic filaments, such as satin and nylon, may be ideal.

Brushes are often manufactured for specific effects based on the consistency of the bristles. For example, softer bristles are preferable for blending and soft effects, while synthetic or firmer bristles help create textural effects and leave more marks behind. Oil paints require thick bristles because the paint is so dense, while watercolor applications require the fluidity supported by a softer brush.

Choose A Fitting Ferrule and Handle Material
A high-quality, long-lasting ferrule is important for the longevity of your paintbrush. This component holds the bristles together and is responsible for ensuring they do not escape while painting.

Ferrules may be nickel-plated, gold-plated, aluminum or composed of another type of material. If you will be painting for long periods, the composition of the handle can affect comfort and ease of use. Choose among handle materials that include wood or acrylic. The size of a paintbrush is often shown on the handle and is the thickness of the section where the ferrule meets the handle.

Pick the Right Bristle Width
If the brush is for a specific type of paint, choose a tool designed for that type of application, whether it be watercolor, gouache, oils or acrylics. The width of the bristles can make a world of difference to the finished product. Pick a fan brush for highlights, blending and natural details. Flat bristles are ideal for sweeping strokes. Wide bristles allow for smooth and quick painting. Fine-tipped art brushes are perfect for making minute details. Multi-packs may include selections of various bristle widths.

Choose Among Fun Crafting Tools for Kids and Projects
For crafting and school projects, a multipurpose set of brushes is the perfect choice. These multi-use tools are ideal for school glue, poster paints, watercolors and tempera acrylic paints. Kids may love using foam brushes that let the painter stamp, splatter and swirl the paint creatively.

Another fun option is floppy foam brushes that allow kids to create art by dabbing and dipping the brush in an exploratory way. Plastic-handled brushes are ideal for casual use. Children may also enjoy using foam rollers to complete their painting project. Keep in mind that when equipping supplies for an easel, long-handed easel brushes allow the artist to work flexibly.

With a variety of painting tools for all ages, Staples stocks the accessories you need to prep for any type of fun or serious art project.