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Art Paper & Rolls

Borden and Riley
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Borden and Riley #234 Paris Bleedproof Pads 2 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. 20 sheets spiral bound [Pack of 6]
Item #1720388
Model #46805-PK6
  • For rendering fine clean lines, this is the one
  • Truly unique paper ideal for calligraphy, and all fine line pen and ink work including technical illustrations
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Borden And Riley Sun-Glo Thumbnail Sketch Paper Rolls White 8 Lb. 21" x 50 Yd. Roll (35WR215000)
Item #2137877
Model #49098
  • Durable enough to withstand rough handling
  • so transparent, can layer as many as three or four sheets over original artwork and still read details underneath
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Borden and Riley Sun-Glo Thumbnail Sketch Paper Rolls white 8 lb. 6 in. x 50 yrd. [Pack of 2](PK2-35WR065000)
Item #24204719
Model #36196-PK2
  • White roll of transparent paper for sketching, drawing, and illustration
  • Perfect for architects, engineers, illustrators, animators, students, and more
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Borden and Riley #51H Parchment Tracing Paper 19 in. x 24 in. pad of 50
Item #1717009
Model #62426
  • Ideal for tracing, transfer, layout, sketch and overlay work
  • Heavyweight and finely textured surface offers high transparency and excellent erasure qualities
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Borden And Riley 420 Charcoal/Pastel Paper 11 In. X 14 In. 40 Sheets (420B111440)
Item #2132031
Model #21066
  • Hard cover
  • 80 lb. chain-laid paper
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Borden and Riley #39 Opaque Layout Bond Pads 19 in. x 24 in. pad of 50
Item #1717662
Model #55784
  • A versatile acid free 16 lb. layout bond paper ideal for preliminary sketches
  • Smooth surface, opaque, lends well to pencil, pen, and felt-tip marker