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Safety 1® Easy-Fit® Security Gate
Item #155988
Model #SFT41817
  • Ideal for both children and pets
  • 1-hand lock and release for adult-only access
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Dream Baby® Safety Catches, Pack Of 12Dream Baby® Safety Catches, Pack Of 12
Item #272967
Model #DB-L181
  • Safety catches are a durable, childproofing solution that keep little fingers safe from harm by firmly securing most household cupboards and drawers
  • Easy to use and install
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Dream Baby® Door Knob Covers, Pack Of 3
Item #273783
Model #DB-L136
  • Easy for adults to grip, squeeze and turn
  • Helps to avoid access to potentially dangerous areas such as the laundry, bathroom, garage
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Dream Baby® Safety Essentials Value Pack
Item #273426
Model #DB-L7011
  • Complete safety essentials for home
  • Includes 10 x safety catches, 30 x outlet plugs, 2 x cabinet sliding lock, 2 x multi-purpose latch, 2 x door knob covers
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Dream Baby® Cabinet Sliding Locks, Pack Of 6
Item #274287
Model #DB-L715
  • Blue
  • Cabinet sliding lock fits easily to cabinet knobs or handles
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Make sure your children are safe when toddling around the house in the early stages with baby gates and room dividers. Mounting hardware is available with many models, which makes divider installations quick and simple. A wide collection at Staples includes retractable baby gates in multiple variations. Choose from multiple brands offering baby gates, including Whitney Brothers, Dreambaby, and Safety 1st. 

Details of baby gates and room dividers 
Some baby gates are expandable, which makes it easy to install them in various rooms with different dimensions. Other panel designs feature rounded edges and connection points for easy customization. Room dividers with a transportation theme are available to entertain children as they play with toys. Closing latches add a level of security to sturdy room divider panels. Browse through a range of vibrant colors so that children can enjoy a colorful environment at home. Panel sets offer a way to accommodate large facilities with ample safety supplies. Room dividers for children are ideal for different age groups.

Room divider accessories
Practical sliding locks feature a smooth sliding function, and they close tightly to ensure they won’t open accidentally. Other items in this selection are portable stroller fans, and it’s possible to clip them to a baby gate or a stroller. These fans create a fresh breeze for your toddlers to keep them cool in the summer. Look for safety catches to safeguard drawers and cabinets around the house. With a discreet design, these accessories won’t affect the overall home decor. Doorknob covers are another convenient invention that helps parents prevent their children from accessing select rooms. Individual multipurpose latches are a practical solution for families with many rooms to cover. 

What are some material options and their benefits?
Room divider materials include melamine and laminates, which offer an aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality. Laminate construction is long-lasting, and it complements traditional furniture. These materials are durable, so kids can’t break them in hopes of leaving their designated space. Select brands use materials with Green Guard certifications, which means they have low chemical emissions. This helps with maintaining the air quality, so they’re an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Sturdy surfaces on select wooden baby doors provide proper stability. 

What makes baby gates convenient?
These room dividers are easy to remove when you don’t need them, and you can store them in the closet. Baby gates are easy to open and close, so you can go about your day without being bothered by them. Look for retractable baby gates to save space in small rooms. A one-hand lock-and-release function is available in select baby gates, so only adults can open them. 

Are there multiple uses for these safety gates? 
Families with pets can consider baby gates to protect their furry friends from falling down the stairs. Use secure room divider straight posts to connect two panels. Bulk options are available for large projects with safety requirements, and you can use connectors with select room dividers to create wide barriers.

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