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Choose gentle baby lotions, powders and oils to keep infant skin hydrated, nourished and smooth. Relieve dryness and keep skin soft with moistening products that absorb easily and are pleasant to the touch.

Keeps Baby Skin Clean
Baby bath products clean infant skin even as they soothe and soften. Choose a baby wash formulated especially for the delicate skin of infants. The ingredients in these baby skin care products simultaneously clean without any irritation, while rich emollients protect against redness and dryness. Adults with sensitive skin can also benefit from these extremely gentle formulas that are latex-free and that rinse easily away with no residue.

Soothing and Relaxing Formulas
Try gentle moisturizers to keep infant skin smooth and soft without any greasiness or sticky feeling. Latex-free lotions rub in easily, absorb quickly, and are perfect for light massage on either babies or adults. Baby oils are specially designed to soften skin, relieve dryness, and repel moisture; keep them on hand for adult use around your whirlpool bath or soaking tub.

Relief for Chafing and Redness
Talc-based baby powders provide relief from the chafing caused by diaper moisture, keeping babies comfortable through change after change. Baby powder also works well for adults as an after-bath powder to stay cool and dry. Baby oils prevent chafing by repelling moisture and adding a protective layer to sensitive skin. Add a full baby kit filled with diapers, pacifiers, scrub brush, syringes, and more to make sure you have all the needed supplies on hand when you're expecting guests to arrive with an infant in tow.

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