Always be prepared

Bandages are an essential part of any healthcare kit. Whether you need a bandage for a minor cut or scrape or for something more specialized like a sports wrap, Staples has you covered. Our selection of bandages includes everything from adhesive strips to waterproof and breathable options so you can confidently treat injuries. No matter your healthcare requirements, it's essential to always have the right supplies on hand in case of an emergency. Keep some basic bandages in your first aid kit at home or in the office so you can quickly take care of minor injuries without having to make an extra trip to the store. They're also great for everyday incidents like paper cuts and blisters!

The right bandage for the job

Staples carries a variety of bandages to meet different needs and preferences. Choose from traditional adhesive strips that offer basic protection and are ideal for small cuts, abrasions and minor lacerations. We also have specialized options like fabric-backed wound dressings that provide superior cushioning, flexibility, and protection from dirt and contaminants. For athletes, we carry athletic wraps designed to keep joints secure during physical activities while still allowing a full range of motion. For those with sensitivities to latex, we offer latex-free bandages alongside traditional offerings. At Staples, you'll find all types of quality wound protection options at affordable prices so you can stay stocked up without breaking the bank. Choose individual packs if you only use one or two here and there, or buy bandages in bulk quantities if you use them regularly. Either way, our selection will surely have what you need at just the right price!