Counter & Bar Stools

Select stylish and efficient bar stools for the home and business. Sitting stools come in a variety of contemporary designs, such as vertical slat-back styles, and accommodate indoor and outdoor use. The durable chairs maintain structural integrity in high-traffic areas, and the lightweight designs make it easy to transfer the furniture from one area to the next. Staples has an extensive selection of chairs, stools, and other types of furniture to complement the home and workplace.

Understand the different types of counter stools
Bar chairs come in a variety of designs, such as backless and low-back styles, to accommodate seating for large and small spaces. Sleek, contemporary, and adjustable-height counter chairs with chrome bases provide a sophisticated aesthetic to boardroom coffee bars and other eating and drinking areas in home kitchens and office lunch spaces. Select durable stools with footrests and swivel seats that provide maximum comfort for users. High-back styles with slated designs allow air to ventilate while in use. Stackable units provide efficient seating that is easy to store away in a closet when not in use. Stools are available in a variety of colors to add a pop of style to almost any area.

Consider bar stools for specific areas 
Metal chairs maintain form in both outdoor and indoor environments. Choose chair frames created for all-weather use to ensure the furniture keeps its structural integrity when not in use. Line wood-framed counter stools along a dining room wall to add extra seating at luncheons and family gatherings. Stylish and functional furniture gives a boost of personality to a small space, such as an entryway or hallway, and also gives guests a place to sit and read. Colorful and comfortable seat cushions invite users to sit down, and the chair pillows are simple to keep clean. 

Are bar stools easy to clean?
Wipe away scuff marks from metal frames with a soft cloth and warm water. Soft bristle brushes clean away dirt and mud from plastic and wood frames, and disinfectant sprays are available to clean chrome chairs when you need more than a soft cloth for cleaning. Leather seats require specific oil to preserve the material and prevent it from drying and cracking. Upholstered seat cushions wipe clean with gentle soap and hand towels, and a stain guard spray prevents future stains from sticking around on the cushions. 

Do bar stools have a maximum weight capacity?
Standard chairs hold more than 300 pounds of weight. Check the manufacturer’s label for specific weight limits and restrictions. Weight limits vary depending on furniture styles and designs.

Are there alternative uses for bar stools?
Two stackable metal stools serve as a creative table stand when placing a sturdy piece of wood or plywood across the furniture. The makeshift station is a quick and convenient space for a sketch desk and writing surface. Short and backless wood units convert easily into end tables with some paint and accent rope for texture. The quaint side tables are convenient for holding alarm clocks, phones, charging units, books, and pictures of friends, family, and pets.
Flash Furniture 38.5" Vinyl Bar Stool With Crown Back, Black (YBYJ909KD)
Item #1179826
Model #YBYJ909KD
  • Transitional Style Stool
  • Bar Height
3 out of 5 stars with 11 reviews
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Flash Furniture 42.5"H Vinyl Seat, Metal Bar Stool, Black (XUF125)
Item #201007
Model #XUF125
  • Metal Dining Bar Stool
  • Vinyl Upholstery
2.5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews
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9% off
Staples Esler Mesh Stool, Black (28356RCC)Staples Esler Mesh Stool, Black (28356RCC)
Staples Esler Mesh Stool, Black (28356RCC)
Item #1678498
Model #28356D-CC
  • Comfortable casual guest stool will fit any room or space
  • Made of mesh and fabric upholstery in black color
4 out of 5 stars with 19 reviews
Reg.  $99.89
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Flash Furniture Adjustable-Height Contemporary Vinyl Barstool, Black with Chrome Base (DS801CONTBK)
Item #1983202
Model #DS801CONTBK
  • Residential barstools
  • 15"W x 15"D x 25.50" - 34"H
4.5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews
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LumiSource Master 46'' Modern Adjustable Height Leather Bar Stool, Black (BS-TW-MASTER BK)
Item #1675286
  • Seat height adjusts from 25" to 33.25"
  • 360 degree swivel
4.5 out of 5 stars with 6 reviews
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HERCULES Series Clear Coated ''X'' Back Metal Restaurant Barstool (XU6F8BCLBARBLKV)
Item #24070319
  • Metal Barstool
  • "X" Back Design
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Flash Furniture 33" Contemporary Tufted Black Vinyl Adjustable Height Barstool w/Chrome Base, 2bx
Item #1983163
Model #SD2208BK
  • Residential Barstools
  • Chrome, Foam, Metal, Vinyl/Black Vinyl
4.5 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews
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Flash Furniture 24'' High White Metal Indoor/Outdoor Counter Height Stool (CH3132024GBWH)
Item #1982805
Model #CH3132024GBWH
  • Metal colorful restaurant bar stools
  • Metal, plastic, rubber
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Flash Furniture Contemporary Cozy Mid-Back Vinyl Adjustable Height Barstool; Black w/Chrome Base
Item #1983173
Model #DS815BK
  • Chrome, Foam, Metal, Plastic, Vinyl/Black Vinyl
  • 17.50"W x 17.50"D x 34.50" - 43"H
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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Flash Furniture 17" Plastic Backless Stackable Stool, Blue
Item #1179823
Model #YK01BBL
  • Blue plastic seat
  • Armless
0 out of 5 stars with 0 reviews
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