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Beard & Hair Nets

Even if you're just running a company barbecue, make sure all personnel who handle food in your enterprise are wearing beard and hairnets. These convenient, disposable nets keep head and facial hair from coming into contact with cooking and preparation utensils and surfaces.

Safety and Cleanliness
Organisms that are harmless when found on human hair can enter food and cause illness, and hair in food is unsightly and unpleasant. When you or your employees prepare food for sale or for your staff, make sure everyone wears beard and hairnets so hair does not fall into food.

Comfort and Convenience
Disposable beard and hairnets are convenient, as they are easily disposed of after a single use. Choose spun-bonded nets for more comfort.

If your business needs to meet FDA health and safety standards, beard and hairnets help you comply with government requirements. You'll find additional protective equipment for yourself and your staff, such as face masks and respirators, at Staples.
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Boardwalk® Disposable White Bouffant Caps, Polypropylene, Medium, White, 100/Pack (H42M)
Item : BWKH42M
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  • Disposable white bouffant caps.
  • Disposable haircaps are a comfortable and complete head covering. Made of a solid, soft, non-woven, lint-free fabric, the non-pleated hair cap with elastic is excellent for use in food plants, labs and pharmaceutical applications. Elastic band for secure fit.
  • Disposable haircaps are a comfortable and complete head covering.
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Spun Bonded Hair Nets, White, 20", 100/Box
Item : 846431
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  • Headwear
  • White
  • 20"
Disposable Beard Net, Spun-Bonded, White, 100/Pack
Item : 847243
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  • Beard Net
  • White
  • One Size Fits All
Disposable Nylon Hair Net, Black, 100/Pack
Item : 846430
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  • Headwear
  • Black
  • 18"
Cordova Polypropylene Beard Covers with Elastic Straps, 1,000/Case (BR1/10)
Item : 2444308
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  • 100% Polypropylene
  • 18-inch Length
  • 9-Inch Elastic Strap
PIP White Hair Net (200-BC24)
Item : 2473701
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  • Elastic fit is non-irritating, anti-static, lint free, and flame resistant
  • 100 Per Pack
  • Bouffant cap
Polypropylene Spunbond Beard Net
Item : 1027692
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  • Type: Beard Net
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: White