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A wide variety of snacks like beef jerky is an essential part of a well-stocked home or office pantry snacks. This means including sweet and savory options, as well as those suitable for people with specific food allergies or sensitivities. While most pantries have a good selection of breakfast items and carbohydrate-heavy snacks such as snack bars, high-protein snacks are often under-represented. Beef jerky is a smart addition to any pantry as it adds a protein-rich savory flavor profile to balance the numerous sweet options.

Beef Jerky Is A Traditional Healthy Snack
People have been drying, salting and curing thin strips of meat as a method of preservation for centuries. While today's jerky is manufactured with the help of modern machinery, the process is very similar to the traditional preparation. Most brands marinate the meat in a dry rub or liquid containing salt and other seasonings. The seasoned meat is then preserved through dehydration, smoking or a combination of methods.

Traditional recipes simply use thin slices of meat, but some modern manufacturers grind the meat, add seasonings and press it all into a cylindrical or flat shape prior to drying. There are also other alternatives to sticks or strips. Jack Links Chew has the unique texture of finely-shredded seasoned and dried meat. It's packaged in individual containers, so it's portable and easy to eat, making it the perfect addition to any student's back to school supplies list.

Enjoy Unique Flavors of Beef Jerky
Beef jerky is an excellent addition to your pantry because it's high in protein and low in fat. It's a delicious snack for people who eat low-carb diets. Each piece is individually wrapped and shelf-stable. Both Jack Links brand and Slim Jims are made in the United States, and there are several different flavors to enjoy. Jack Links offers an Original flavor, Peppered and Teriyaki. There is even a Beef and Cheese option that combines the savory meat with creamy Wisconsin cheese. Beef isn't the only dried meat available. Many people enjoy dried turkey as well, as it offers a different flavor and is a good alternative for people who don't eat red meat. You can always wash everything down with bottled water or some other type of cold beverage.

Beef Jerky With Natural Options
Along with the traditional recipes, there are also some brands that offer natural and organic options. Krave jerky is minimally processed and uses no artificial ingredients. It is also gluten-free and comes in several flavors such as Sweet Chipotle and Basil Citrus. Oberto is another natural brand, which offers minimally-processed premium steak seasoned and preserved without artificial ingredients. Including natural options adds variety and gives people on restrictive diets the chance to enjoy convenient and delicious snacks.

Buy Beef Jerky in Bulk for Convenience and Savings
The easiest way to stock up on several brands and flavors is to buy in bulk. Individually wrapped servings come in large boxes that offer discounts over purchasing smaller quantities individually. Slim Jim offers a bulk pack of 100 snack sticks. Krave and Jack Links both include several different flavors in their variety boxes. Buying in bulk is a convenient and affordable way to stock your home or office's pantry with high-protein snacks. Staples also offers an Auto Restock program with automatic shipments at your desired frequency so your pantry will always be stocked with tasty snacks. Whether you need fresh coffee for the office or need tax return support, Staples has everything you need for personal and professional success.