Better Binders

Better Binders
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Efficient storage of documents, manuals, and catalogs is easier with high-quality, smooth-working Better® binders from Staples®. Make good use of shelf space with binders that are small enough to fit in limited space or large and sturdy enough to hold an entire 1,200-page catalog. Whether you're archiving or simply holding them temporarily, a Better binder keeps important papers safe. Staples carries a wide selection of office supplies that help keep businesses and professionals moving forward.

Specialized Better Binders Serve a Variety of Purposes
A combo 1-inch D-ring binder accommodates well over 200 pages and carries a removable 4GB flash drive in the spine. A project divided into segments in individual 0.5-inch binders can be edited on paper by members of a team. One person is then able to incorporate the changes into the full document retrieved from the flash drive. A clear, non-stick pocket on the spine provides a place for a customized label, making this complete project package clearly recognizable.

A zipper binder with extendable tabs on each end enables hanging the materials in a file frame. To provide more room in the file drawer, the ring section is removable and can be labeled for hanging without the bulk of the cover. Removable rings enable changing the color of the cover without pulling all the paper off the rings of one binder to put them in another.

Students Use Better Binders for Organizing Classwork
Colorful, flexible poly covers fit into a student backpack easily. A class project is more impressive when it has the title and images slipped into clear pockets on the front and spine of a view binder. Pockets on the inside of both the back and front provide a secure spot for loose papers.

How Do You Select Appropriate Better Binders for Projects?
The type of paper and page count determine ring size and shape. The type of material also helps establish whether a flexible cover is sufficient or if a stronger, more solid one is needed. A long life is ensured with reinforced hinges and bumpers around the edges of the cover. The correct size and shape of ring protects against tearing pages while you try to turn them in a tightly packed binder or when constantly moving them around rings that are much too large. As an example, 3-inch D-rings hold over 500 pages, while a 0.5-inch ring is limited to around 100 pages, depending on the weight of the paper. Sheet protectors, tab dividers, and heavy-duty card stock decrease the page count.

What Are D-Rings for in Better Binders?
D-rings hold as much as 25 percent more paper than circular rings. They are mounted on the back of the binder, rather than the spine, so the pages lie completely flat and make it easy to pencil in amendments to documents or note price changes in catalogs. It's easier to turn large sections of paper by sliding them up the flat side of the ring and guiding them around the remaining arc.

Do Better Binders Come With Patterned Covers?
Plaids, animal prints, and abstract designs are available in a variety of colors and ring diameters. Interesting prints, personal art, and picture collages slipped into the clear pockets of a view binder add a personalized look. A better binder is the perfect addition to any student's school supplies list.