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Sport or Fun with Your FamilyChoose from our extensive collection of bicycles, tricycles, and accessories for your family. If you are an experienced cyclist, pick from the selection of 16- to 30-speed mountain and road bikes. Bikes for casual riding and choices for children are perfect for fun family rides.

Road Bicycles
Road bikes with thin frames are perfect for long rides on pavement or asphalt. A road bike with a solid and lightweight aluminum frame is an ideal choice among bicycles, tricycles and accessories for longer rides that involve climbs. The 16- to 30-speed functions allow greater versatility when climbing hills or during long flat stretches. Choose the bike best suited for the road you travel.

Mountain Bicycles
Sturdier mountain bikes with steel frames offer the toughness and versatility you need for riding on rougher terrain. These mountain bikes come with a variety of options, including dual-suspension frames, rear-wheel shock absorbers, and front and rear linear pull frames, so no matter how difficult the terrain, you remain in control. If your rides involve an overnight stay, don't forget to add camping gear and accessories to get a comfortable rest and be ready for the morning ride.

Kid's Bikes and Tricycles
Children's bicycles, tricycles, and accessories allow your kids to get started early. They'll become comfortable riding with tricycles and bicycles in various sizes, styles, and colors — training wheels are often included as an option. No matter what age your children begin riding, you'll find the proper fit for their abilities.

Hybrid bikes offer the speed and versatility of road bikes with the strength and durability of mountain bikes. They are perfect for city riding.

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Add to cart Winther Circleline Tricycle, Orange, Ages 4-8 Years (WIN552)
Add to cart Winther Viking Tricycle, Red, Ages 3-6 Years (WIN451)
Add to cart Winther Low Design Toddler Tricycle, Yellow, Ages 1-4 Years (WIN580)
Add to cart Viking Tricycle Big 11-1/4" Adjustable Seat
Add to cart Lil' Rider 3 Wheel Battery Powered FX Sport Bike - Pink (80-109P)
Add to cart Lil' Rider 3 Wheel Battery Powered FX Sport Bike - Green (80-109G)
Add to cart Lil' Rider 3 Wheel Battery Powered FX Sport Bike - Black (80-109K)
Add to cart Winther Duo Tricycle, Yellow, Ages 3-5 Years (WIN582)
Add to cart Lil' Rider 3 Wheel Battery Powered FX Sport Bike - Blue (80-109U)
Add to cart Tricycle w/fixed tray