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Brentwood Appliances Iced Tea And Coffee Maker, 64 oz., Blue (Kt-2150bl)
Item #24413339
Model #BTWKT2150BL
  • Comes with a 64 Oz. pitcher with 3 position lid
  • Makes 8 Servings
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Adirchef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug, Crystal Blue (800-01-CRB)Adirchef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker with 15 oz. Travel Mug, Crystal Blue (800-01-CRB)
Item #24209121
Model #800-01-CRB
  • Capacity: 1 cup
  • Comes in crystal blue with plastic, stainless steel construction
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Brentwood Appliances 4 Cup Coffee Maker (Ts-213bl)
Item #24418410
Model #BTWTS213BL
  • 650 Watts
  • Cool-touch Housing And Carafe Handle
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A morning pick-me-up is a daily ritual for many people who like to start their day off with a cup of java. Blue coffee makers not only serve to craft your favorite cup of joe, they add a pop of color to your kitchen. Whether you're shopping for the office breakroom, your home kitchen, or for a handy solution for your camping trips, you'll find popular brands of coffee makers such as Coleman® and Stansport® at Staples®.

Choose the Right Blue Coffee Maker for Your Needs
Just like there are many different types of coffee, there are different types of coffee makers. The most common is the drip machine, which pours heated water over grounds and drips it into the carafe below. French presses steep the grounds directly in the water and use a plunger mechanism to remove the grounds. If you're looking for something stronger or more sophisticated, consider an espresso or cappuccino machine, which uses finer grounds and a more intricate brewing method to bring out the flavor and aroma of the beans.

Blue Coffee Makers for Outdoor Activities
If you're regularly hitting the trails in favor of outdoor camping, you won't have to leave coffee behind. Specialty pots and percolators make it possible to bring your favorite drink along so you can start the mornings right. They're often made with sturdier materials such as enamel and stainless steel, which resist chipping, cracking, and rust formation. Top and side handles make pouring simple, and a wide base increases the unit's stability. These blue coffee makers sometimes come with mugs to drink out of, and the sizes of the carafes range from 8 to 20 cups.

What Type of Blue Coffee Maker Is Best for the Office?
There are different types of coffee makers that will work, depending on how busy your office is. If there are just a few employees, a single-cup brewer such as a Keurig® makes it easy to have a cup of java when the mood strikes. It's also easy to clean up afterward by simply tossing out the pods. For a larger office, a commercial brewer is more practical, as you can brew several carafes at a time and in different varieties such as caffeinated and decaf.

What Other Types of Supplies Should You Buy Along With a Blue Coffee Maker?
In addition to buying a coffee maker for the office, other essential supplies include filters, coffee grounds, and paper cups. If you're just setting up a new coffee station, consider adding creamer, stirrers, and sugar as well. They come in bulk packaging so it's easy to buy a lot at once and you can even set up auto restock for many different products to ensure you never run out.

What Is the Difference Between a Commercial and a Personal Blue Coffee Maker?
The main difference between the two types is the production capacity. Commercial brewers often connect to existing water lines so you don't have to remember to fill up a tank where personal coffee brewers require measuring out how much water you need each time. Commercial machines typically brew a predetermined amount, enough to fill a carafe, where as with a personal machine, you can add as little or as much water as you want.