Boards, Calenders & Planners

Boards, Calendars, and Planners- Keep Colleagues Informed Install boards, calendars, and planners in your office to keep everyone informed about upcoming events. Large surfaces ensure visibility when you're sharing information with a group, and reusable surfaces add convenience. Rely on chalkboards and dry-erase boards to get your message across. Keep Track of Schedules Track upcoming events and project deadlines on an office calendar to ensure that everyone knows what is expected in the week, month, or year ahead. Calendar boards with preprinted boxes let you fill in the details for each upcoming period and erase the information after specific dates have passed. Personnel boards help you track employee activities and schedule shifts, streamlining worker management. Post Important Notices Bulletin boards and magnetic boards make it easy to temporarily post printed notices in the office or break room, so employees and colleagues can peruse them as needed. Cork surfaces accommodate standard pins and tacks, and you can conveniently remove or rearrange the items posted whenever you want. Combination boards that include both cork and dry-erase surfaces let you impart information in multiple ways, while modular systems give you the option of setting up a comprehensive system of boards throughout the entire office. Enhance Presentations Enhance meetings and presentations by sketching out ideas or writing important points on a board at the front of the room. Chalkboards and dry-erase boards give you a clean surface to showcase the information you need to impart, and you can wipe them clean with board accessories such as dry-erase erasers after your meeting to prevent unauthorized individuals from seeing any proprietary details and to leave the board ready for the next presenter to use.