Dry-Erase Calendar Boards

Calendars and in-out dry erase boards make sure employees know what to expect and who's available each day. From large wall-size monthly and yearly calendars to smaller weekly options and boards that show only who is in and out during the workday, Staples carries a variety of calendars and office supplies that meet the needs of most businesses.

Use In-Out Boards to Keep Employees Informed
Companies with multiple employees who arrive at different times make it difficult to know who's available each day. A board listing each employee's name along with a marker that he or she can move upon arrival ensures that anyone who answers the phones or requires assistance knows exactly which person is available. Models with note spaces provide a way of tracking when someone will return, who's on vacation and which location the employee is working at on a given day. Magnetic options also double as bulletin boards, ensuring each employee knows where to look for important information and daily updates.

Calendar Dry Erase Boards Offer Organization
Dry-Erase calendars come in different options that meet the needs of small and large businesses. A weekly design lets users list goals, achievements and important events for the workweek. Consider models with large spaces each day to list information and requirements for various departments. Monthly calendars ensure everyone knows about events and milestones, without requiring additional memos and emails. Boards with four and 12-month designs make it simple to keep track of future needs and plan out each month in a way that is easy to update whenever necessary. Look for options with large note spaces to list daily, weekly and monthly goals and requirements for individuals, departments and the entire company.

What Are the Benefits of a Melamine Dry Erase Board?
Boards made of melamine feature a white, hardwood backing that's covered with a plastic film. These models are an inexpensive option for those trying to stay organized on a budget. With proper cleaning and maintenance, melamine boards remain clear and free of ghosting and staining after repeated use. These boards require only a quick wipe with a gentle cloth or eraser after use, along with a thorough cleaning using a gentle cleanser every so often to keep them looking good.

When Is a Porcelain Board a Better Option?
When considering an in-out board or dry erase calendar, porcelain models offer increased durability and resistance to stains. These options also resist dents and scratches, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and frequent use. Most porcelain dry erase boards are magnetic, making it easy to keep important messages and notes in the same location. These boards require wiping down with a damp cloth, but the lack of a plastic coating minimizes the risks of stains, scratches, and ghosting.

Which Frame Materials Are Available?
Both monthly calendars and dry erase in-out boards are available with aluminum, steel and wood frames. Aluminum options are lightweight and work well in areas with contemporary decor. Wood models offer a traditional look with plenty of strength and durability that stands up to frequent use. Steel frames resist bending and scratching and have increased strength for use in warehouses and other areas with heavy foot traffic.
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