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Buckles, bands, and straps can be used in an industrial setting to keep equipment tied down to walls and floors on your premises or at job sites. You can also use them to organize and secure cables and hoses, and for packaging purposes. You can open and close some of these versatile fasteners by hand, and other types require banding tools.

Sturdy Steel Bands
Band-It is one of the leading manufacturers of buckles, bands, and straps, offering durable stainless-steel bands in convenient sizes. You can find bands in regular roll packaging or in a convenient tote package that is ideal for use on job sites.

Buckle Them Down
When you use buckles, bands, and straps together, you can easily remove bands and straps by just opening the buckle. Buckles also help you organize cables, hoses, and wires, and you can use them along with other cable management products and devices.

Securing Bands
Use a banding tool, center punch, or band clamp tool to strap steel bands around fixtures, equipment, or assemblies. These powerful hand tools are made specifically for use with bands, buckles, and straps, and they are easy and convenient to use.

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Add to cart BAND-IT® Center Punch Tool, For 3/8 - 5/8 inches Band Width
Add to cart BAND-IT® 1500 lbs. Breaking Strength 201 SS 100 Feet (L)/Box Band, 1/2 in (W) x 0.030 in (T)
Add to cart BAND-IT® 2250 lbs. Breaking Strength 201 SS 100 Feet (L) Band, 3/4 in (W) x 0.030 in (T)
Add to cart BAND-IT® 1,500 lb. Breaking Strength 201 SS 100 Feet (L)/Tote Band, 1/2 in (W) x 0.030 in (T)
Add to cart Band It® Bantam 7" Clamping Tool
Add to cart BAND-IT® 2400 lb Tension Blue Epoxy Powder Coated Standard Banding Tool
Add to cart STRAPBINDER Hosebinder Center Punch Tensioning Tool
Add to cart Zebra Hand Strap (ZBK-ET5X-10RH1-01)
Add to cart Dixon Valve Steel Band Clamp Tool, 13 in (L), For 3/8 in And 5/8 in (W) Band