Casio® FX-55PLUS Fraction Scientific Calculator Teacher Pack, 10/Pack

Item #: 895862 | Model #: FX55PLUSTP

About this product

Casio® Fraction scientific calculator having 12 digit dot matrix display allows to perform basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, conversion operation and is sold as 10 per pack.

Casio? Engineering/scientific calculator helps students to learn elementary mathematics division with remainder and random numbers. Calculator helps you to solve complex problems, logarithmic functions, HMS conversion.

  • Display type: Dot Matrix
  • Display screen: 12 digit - Dot Matrix
  • Power source: Battery
  • Memory: M+, M-, MR (RCL M), MC / Store M (STO M), x-M -, Variables(x, Y...) M, Answer memory
  • Basic calculations: +, -, *, /, division with remainder, +/- -, (-), ( ), factorial, pi, x-y
  • HMS unit, HMS, HMS conversion
  • Fraction calculations: b/c, a*b/c, a*b/c (-) b/c, Simplify, F(-)D
  • Percent: Percent calculation, percent conversion
  • Logarithmic functions: log, logab, ln, 10^x, e^x
  • Powers and roots: x^2, x^3, x^y, 1/x, x^(1/2), x^(1/3), x^(1/y)
  • Intuitive functions
  • Fraction simplification
  • Easy fraction/decimal conversion
  • Includes 10 scientific calculators, instruction manual