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Stock compression bandages in your practice to provide quick, effective treatment for a range of injuries. These bandages are essential for providing the best standards of care for your patients.

Cuts Easily for Accurate Fit
Many compression bandages and other bandaging systems are made without latex or other allergens, making it easy for you to effectively treat your patients with skin sensitivity or allergies. These latex-free bandages also prevent you from having to stock multiple types of bandages to accommodate all of your different patient needs. Bandages can be cut to fit each patient, creating custom-fitted bandage systems that work specifically for the individuals needs.

Provides Emergency and Long-Term Care
Compression bandages can be used for a range of medical issues and treatments. Flexible compression bandage systems offer assistance with treating people who have circulatory issues, while tubular bandages help to provide protection for wounds located on areas of the body where adhesive or surgical tape can't be used. Other compression systems are made for blood pressure monitoring systems, giving you the replacement pressure cuffs you need to provide accurate vital statistics for your patients. These cuffs are available in a range of sizes, so they can be used to monitor patients of all ages and sizes.

Delivers Extended Usage Times
Due to durable construction and unique features, compression bandages can often be used for extended periods of time. Multiple layering helps to absorb drainage without the need to replace the bandage right away when bandages are being used for wound care. Blood pressure cuffs and other compression bandage items are made to be used over and over again, so you don't have to replace your supplies as often.

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