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Computation notebooks are useful for recording ideas and making diagrams in professional brainstorming sessions. Printed grids make it simple to keep letters and symbols tidier in quickly jotted notes. Notebooks with letter-sized pages photocopy easily for distributing notes to team members. Staples carries a wide selection of professional notebooks that are the perfect addition to any company's list of office supplies.

Quadrille Patterns in Computation Notebooks Assist Creative Work
A quad grid is helpful for everyone from fashion designers to toy makers for accurate, clean pattern-making. Practice calligraphy on grid paper to perfect the shapes and proportions of letters. Designing a personal notebook and contact book is a pleasant artistic exercise with the quad pattern as a guide.

Grab a composition notebook to draft small-scale trail maps while hiking in the wilderness. Turn a securely bound notebook horizontally for wide-angle sketches of the landscape. Mileage and other computations are less complicated to read with the help of a grid keeping the notations in line. Outline a plan for everything from a backyard garden to a city park in this portable, easy-to-carry notebook.

Plan a Variety of Floor Layouts in Computation Notebooks
Architects use a precise grid for reference to make preliminary sketches of new homes and find the ideal location on a plot of land. Avoid frequent rearranging by mapping out the furniture layout on a grid of empty rooms before moving into a new home. Subject notebooks have lots of space to plan attractive options of restaurant table arrangements for the most efficient customer service.

What Is Quad Ruling?
Quadrille or quad-ruled paper has evenly spaced lines horizontally and vertically. These lines produce a balanced grid of squares that serve as guides for straight lines and as a gauge for making graphs and diagrams.

How Durable Are Computation Notebooks?
These notebooks work both at a desk and in the field. Thread-sewn pages stay in place under the roughest conditions and allow for drawings to span two pages without breaking up the design. Durable pressboard covers protect pages from moisture and dirt.

Is a Computation Notebook Suitable for Field Notes?
Although designers had engineers in mind, letter-sized notebooks are popular for diagramming and note-taking in all professions. Each sheet is quad ruled on both sides for more working area. With a large page size for a field notebook, there is room for more detailed sketches and observations. Extra drawings and sticky notes fit easily between the pages. Keep a sturdy notebook in a backpack to be ready to record important information any time.

What Are Some Desirable Traits in a Computation Notebook?
In a quality notebook, textured paper takes ink more readily than glossy or coated paper. Twenty-pound antique ivory paper accepts everything from pencil to fine fountain pen ink without smearing or bleeding through, even when you write on both sides of the page. When the writer uses pencils, the paper does not tear or disintegrate despite frequent erasures. Darker header and margin lines frame the page for a professional look. Grid lines are distinct but not so dark they interfere with reading notes. Ideally, each page also has numbers on the front and back for easy indexing. Staples also carries a variety of stylish Moleskine notebooks that complement everyone's creative side.
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