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Digital programmable thermostats offer an easy and efficient method to keep the temperatures in your home or office at comfortable settings. With their easy-to-use touch-screen displays, you can manage settings up to a week in advance with straight forward programming.

Digital Technology
Control room temperatures at the touch of a button with digital touch-screen thermostats. Offering a conveniently located way to control your heating and cooling system, these thermostats enable you to program when your system should activate and when it needs to shut off. Large back-lit displays make adjusting and reading settings easier, even in dimly lit hallways and rooms.

Programmable Units
Avoid continually adjusting the preheating or cooling of your home or office with smart response technology available in many digital programmable thermostats. Program thermostats to automatically adjust at different times of the day to ensure your home or office is just the right temperature at just the right time. Shut down heating and cooling units automatically with programming, especially when running ceiling fans or opening windows. When leaving the office for the weekend or taking off on a weeklong getaway, program digital thermostats to energy-efficient settings. You can also alternate separate programs for weekdays and the weekends with different temperatures at up to four different periods of the day.

Sleek Design
Allow thermostats to blend in with your decor or use it as an accent to a modern, sleek look with a variety of styles. Choose from basic white thermostats with blue and green back-lit displays or chrome, stainless steel, black or beige designs. Lightweight covers mask the controls and help thermostats blend into the style of the room or hallway.

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