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Decorative Baskets, Bowls and Boxes

Baskets, bowls, and boxes make ideal storage spaces for small items and simultaneously enhance your space. Use a sculptured bowl as part of the centerpiece at your next business banquet or channel rustic charisma in your waiting room with a handmade heritage vase.

Chic Storage Spaces

Hide remote controls, tissues, and small office accessories in plain view with this delightful selection of baskets, bowls, and boxes. Small safe boxes are ideal for desktop use and keep your valuables out of the wrong hands. Make your desk even more interesting with a book box or a miniature lockable chest. Get rid of your old plastic filing trays and replace them with warm, inviting wicker baskets.

Versatile and Decorative

Create a point of interest in your foyer or at the front desk, or add healthy flair to your break room with a stylish fruit basket. These chic, versatile accessories are ideal for use in your home office. Arrange your work manuals or books in attractive crate shelves, and store cookies, candies, or teabags in tightly lidded tins. Make your space fragrant with a floral arrangement using one of the many vases in this collection of baskets, bowls, and boxes.

Enhance Your Office

Charm your clients with an elegant display basket or stay organized in your workspace with a series of functional pieces designed to please the eye. Add an array of appealing decorative accents to make your space even more enticing. Improve your productivity and free up space when you store office supplies and other items in nested boxes or organize important files in handy wire wall baskets.

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