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Folding Boards
Dressing room supplies show off your clothes in the best possible light. Add mirrors so that customers can see what they look like while trying items on. Check out full-length mirrors or smaller circular ones for areas where people require quick glances.

Create Fabulous Decor
Dressing room supplies ensure that your dressing rooms look pristine and welcoming for customers trying on clothing and accessories. Ornate mirrors add a stylish touch to your store's decor and are great for high-end stores. Swivel designs ensure that the mirror can be placed perfectly for the customer, regardless of size, and they also mean you can use a smaller mirror or one that's set off from the ground. Luxury frames also add something new to your decor, so consider leather-based frames or distressed wooden frames for a Bohemian look.

Show Everything

Full-length mirrors are ideal for those trying on a variety of clothes, and they ensure that customers can see exactly how those clothes fit their bodies. Place a pair opposite each other so that customers can see what they look like from the front and the back at the same time, or add a third one to create a really light and airy-looking room.

Make Cleanup Easy
Folding boards help you to rapidly fold clothing so that you don't have to spend too much time away from customers. They also ensure a precise fold that's the same every time, so every item stacks up neatly.

Accessories Galore
In addition to dressing room supplies, consider other items that will make the space stand out. A stylish area rug ensures your dressing room looks great, and a wall hanging can add a touch of whimsical style.

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