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Drinkware & Glassware

Glassware makes it simple to dress up a table or bar area so that it matches the overall theme of the establishment or event. Whether serving coffee drinks, sodas, cocktails or wine, Staples carries a variety of glass and plastic drinking options for any occasion.

Choose Glassware That Highlights Presentation and Decor
The glasses you choose have a significant impact on the presentation of different beverages. Show off the cool amber glow of specialty liquors with crystal-clear on-the-rocks or highball glasses. Clear mugs with stems highlight layered coffee drinks and let the user see the beauty as they experience the beverage. Decorative stemware options add elegance to wine and champagne presentation. Team tumblers add style and personality to a sports-themed party and let guests show off their favorite clubs. Consider plastic cups in bright colors for celebrations and to carry specific decorating schemes throughout the dining area.

Are There Differences Between Glasses?
Glassware comes in many different styles designed for an array uses. Tempered glass is stronger and is an ideal option for long-term use. Crystal offers improved clarity over traditional glass cups, making it a good choice for festive occasions. Glasses with wider rims let the user experience more of the aroma of a beverage to improve the overall taste. Plastic cups are less likely to break and provide increased safety for use around children. Consider brass mugs for specialty beverages to bring out the flavor and match the original serving methods. Stemmed glasses allow the heat from the user's hand to warm certain beverages slightly for optimal flavor results.

Drinkware Options That Match Any Style
Glasses and cups provide an interesting way to show off your personal style and set the mood for a special occasion. Solid glasses with sports motifs make sure everyone who visits knows the entire family's favorite team. Mason jars increase the rustic appeal of a country kitchen. Look for tumbler-style jars with lids and straws for added protection against spills at the dinner table. Plastic tumbler cups work well for everyday use and minimize the potential for breakage if dropped. Lead crystal glasses and pitchers dress up any kitchen and make each table setting pop. Smooth glasses in smoked or colored materials pair with modern kitchen decor and make the color schemes appear more dramatic.

Is Stemware a Good Choice?
Stemware is available in crystal and plain glass, and in several different styles. Clear options with wide rims are ideal for serving layered desserts for special occasions. Long stems make it easier for guests to hold and provide a way to add decorative drink markers. There is also drinkware that has the shape of traditional stemmed options, without including the stem. These types of glasses minimize breakage during cleanup and provide a more stable base in areas where bumps may occur. Consider stemware designed for specific beverages to ensure optimal presentation and flavor experiences.

Whether stocking a restaurant or making sure there are plenty of cups available for guests, Staples carries a range of glasses and materials to meet the needs of most users and locations.