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Drones & UAV

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A popular hobby among kids and adults alike, a remote-controlled drone, helicopter or quadcopter offer hours of fun and excitement. As technology improves their design, these innovative flying machines are being used for a growing number of commercial purposes from photography, crop management, mining operations and package delivery. Staples carries a wide selection from top brands such as 3D Robotics, Parrot, Dromida and DJI.

Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Offer All-Ages Fun
Featuring lightweight frames manufactured from durable materials like plastic, metal and glass-reinforced nylon, each drone is designed for safe takeoffs and landings indoors and in outdoor areas where remote-controlled aircraft use is permitted. Young children enjoy racing small jumping mini-drones on land and hydrofoils that can be piloted in water, while larger stunt models are suited for more experienced amateur pilots. Most UAVs are easily controlled from a handheld remote, radio transmitter or via a mobile device using an app that lets you select from several user modes and adjustable flight patterns using GPS or pre-programmed settings. Select models feature obstacle-sensing systems that help to avoid costly collisions and crashes and several are equipped with LED lights for easier sky tracking and flash to indicate low battery power.

Choose Between Models for Amateur Hobbyists and Professional Applications
From affordable entry-level toy models to high-end professional drone equipment, there are several options to suit the needs of any consumer. Not only for playtime, many top-shelf drones are used for remote land surveying, real estate photography, search and rescue missions and security surveillance. Some smaller novelty fliers can easily carry small items from room to room or can be taken outside for more skilled flight practice. With battery power lasting up to 30 minutes, most drones are made for short-and-sweet flights before needing to be recharged and offer an exciting view from above and below when optional camera equipment is in use.

Drones with Cameras Capture Action from the Air
Many models come with built-in cameras or optional device-rigging mounts that allow you to capture high-definition photos and video footage, making them ideal for photographing sporting events, overhead landscapes and large groups of people. Aspiring filmmakers can try their hand at filming aerial scenes from a variety of angles without needing a lot of expensive equipment or large film crews. Many camera drones feature anti-vibration mechanisms that help to stabilize a shot for superior image output. Whether being used for everyday photography around the neighborhood, exploring attic spaces or for professional journalism assignments, this ever-growing technology is expanding the horizons of consumers everywhere.

Controllers, Adapters, Camera Mounts and Other Accessories
To keep a drone in top operating condition, there are several accessories available such as spare batteries, car chargers, thumb controllers and antenna kits. Serious movie directors may want to attach a 3-axis gimbal that helps to capture amazing aerial shots remotely or within close range. Phone holders allow a user to mount a mobile device to a drone, and specially-designed backpacks make for simple and safe storage and transporting of piloting essentials.
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